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Half Marathon training - My first thoughts

Posted Feb 27 2011 3:27am

So, just over a week ago I took the plunge and got an entry in my first ever half marathon and in just under 7 months time I will be running in Run to the Beat round lovely Greenwich.

Instinctively, I knew I didn't want to follow a training plan. But, I decided to give it some thought...and then still decided I didn't want to follow one! I didn't follow anyone else's plan to get from nothing to 5k, and I'm doing my own thing to get from 5k to 10k so I have decided to just go with the flow in my half marathon training too.

I did check with my Mam though - I asked her whether my Dad (who was a running MACHINE - I'm talking races literally every Sunday when I was growing up and more half and full marathons then I can count) every followed a set plan in his training, and he never did so I knew I was making the right decision.

That's not to say I don't have a plan, I do I do! It's totally basic and I'm hoping it's gonna work out for me. I have my Race For Life 10k in July and am already increasing my mileage by half a mile per week in preparation for that and I'm just going to carry on increasing until I get the 13.1 miles under my belt and then just run out the distance each week and practise like crazy.

I have heard that recovery runs help (i.e super gentle, not going for speed etc), and that is something I may try. And I may also decide to go over the half marathon distance per week as it gets closer and do an extra few miles mid week where I go all out and work on speed.

Because I'm only at 4.5 miles at the mo and because it's not till September, I don't really feel like it's happening yet! It's totally surreal!!

& my aim right now (baring in mind the 4.5 miles where I am currently at!) is to complete Run The Beat (well, first aim is to actually COMPLETE it!!) in under 2 hours. Under 2 hours sounds fast to me so I'll give it a go!
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