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Half marathon/marathon training musings..

Posted May 20 2011 4:20pm
My first marathon is 11 months away, my first half marathon is 4. And although I have no set training plan and am 'going it alone', I do want to pick your brains a bit about exactly how many times I should train and how long for.

I am very aware of the risks of over training, and as I have never ran these sort of distances in my life, my first aim is to run both races injury free and get to the finish line. But I also want to be as prepared as I can for the task ahead by putting in the miles before hand. I also think running isn't the be all and end all and want to cross train to recover from the runs, the work other parts of my body and to get the variety of exercise I love.

So, quick question - would running twice a week be enough? I plan to run my long distances at the weekend and a shorter, possibly recovery type run midweek. I would be reluctant to run more often than this as I'm not sure my joints would thank me and I feel like I need a good few days to recover before running again. But on just two days running per week will I be a tired little tortoise when it comes to the full races?

It's all starting to feel pretty real to me now, especially after my epic (such a blog word..) run on Monday and all the miles I have ahead of me are a little scary if I'm honest!

For those of you who've gone through it, I'd love to know you thoughts so I can get a different perspective!
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