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Hair Transplant Procedures: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted Aug 25 2011 5:52am

Hair Transplant San Diego

Throughout Southern California cities like San Diego and Los Angeles, many men and women suffer with the embarrassing effects of hair loss. Hair loss can occur on multiple areas of the body and for multiple reasons as well. Hair loss is an embarrassing problem and may even make individuals look older than they actually are. Thinning and balding of the crown and head is a more common area for both men and women. Hair loss may be associated with stress, genetics, aging, or a side effect of medication. With Hair Restoration San Diego patients now have options to reverse hair loss will multiple procedures designed to fulfill their needs and restore their feelings of confidence and self-esteem. For prospective hair restoration patients, a series of frequently asked questions often arise. Here are some of them—answered.

How does a hair transplant procedure work?

With a Hair Transplant San Diego resident patients transplant hair from a “donor” area of the body into the area to be treated. There are multiple types of procedure types such as the FUE (Follicular Unit Transplant) that extracts hair from the donor area one follicle at a time and provides the best results. The hair transplant technique may also vary depending on the area to be treated. Most commonly treated areas are the crown, eyebrows, and the face (facial hair).

How do I go about finding the right hair transplant surgeon?

Finding a hair transplant surgeon who can perform a hair transplant procedure safely and effectively is important for prospective patients. Some treatment centers may offer hair transplant procedures; however, with a Hair Surgeon San Diego residents can ensure they receive the best treatment. Hair surgeons have received specialized, extensive education and training regarding hair transplant procedures. Also, taking a look at the surgeon’s before and after photos of previous individuals will give the best idea of the types of results you can achieve with this particular hair surgeon.

How much does a hair transplant procedure cost?

The cost of a hair transplant procedure is one of the main deciding factors for prospective patients. The Hair Transplant Cost San Diego hair restoration centers average about $5 per graft. Most hair restoration surgeons and centers also offer financing options that may even include 0% interest, eliminating cost as a major deciding factor for patients

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