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Posted Sep 11 2009 2:22pm

Hey!  Has everybody been enjoying their weekend?? 

I have actually had a pretty productive day.  This morning, after breakfast, my mom, Jaci, and I set out for a walk. It was SO nice outside for a change! So far this Spring, the weather has been completely crazy, but today was the first day that reminded me of summertime…and oh boy, am I ready for summer!!! I wore my Garmin during our walk and we did about 2 miles. Then I set back out on my own to do some running as well. I want to try to keep building my endurance…and that will be easier with this nice weather…hopefully there will be more days like this through out Spring.

Rewinding a bit, breakfast was a delicious b-fast cookie…for the 3rd day in a row! I just love these things. In case you were wondering, my cookie did not shrink, I just used a super big plate!


Then later on for lunch I had a yummy combo of 1/2 whole wheat bagel with two eggwhites, 1 slice of cheese, and 1 MorningStar Farms soysausage. I also had some veggies and strawberries



After lunch, I started on some homework and then I went to work for the afternoon. My boss/hairstylist was doing a bunch of girls’ hair for Prom. It was so much fun to see all the cool unique hairstyles…I already know what I want to do for my prom now! ;) I got home around 5 o’clock and it was definitely time for a snack…

So I made an almond butter and banana roll up…I also added some Kashi cereal to it.


This is one of my favorite snacks ever! It has a great combo of protein, carbs, and fat to really keep you going.

After that, I decided I needed to make myself finish my homework and get it out of the way with. Then it was on to dinnertime.


I made a pasta dish where I basically just used what I had and threw it all together in a pan. I think that you can come up with some of the best meals that way! It turned out awesome!

I cooked the 100% whole wheat pasta and then combined that with some black beans, tomato sauce, tomato chunks, and Morning Star crumbles. I also added some seasonings and lots of garlic powder. Then I topped it with a sprinkle of cheese.


Obviously, I am not dairy free yet. The grocery shopping will be done tomorrow but honestly, I am feeling unsure about it now. I will definitely try to cut back on the dairy, but I don’t think that cutting it out completely is a very realistic choice right now. I think I will buy some non-dairy items at the store and just take it one day at a time.

For a “desert” I just wanted something simple, so I had some dried fruit and a chocolate peanut butter banana muffin (unpictured)


And that is all for me for now. I am going to kick back and watch a Life of Ryan Marathon. Did anybody else watch this show on Mtv?

Have a great night!!

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