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Habit 8: Take Stock Of What Your Ass is Telling You

Posted Mar 14 2010 4:50am
Shut Up - Your Body's Trying To Say Something
Right now it's really early on Sunday morning, I'm up because I did something wonky - I don't know what and I have a muscle that is located in my upper back so tight that I feel like I've implanted a golf ball just above my shoulder blade. It doesn't really hurt - it just feels tight and wrong. I sometimes think i perform gymnastic feats in my sleep and end up with my arms pinned beneath my back and my legs askew, which wouldn't really matter except that well it means right now what i'd really like is a shiatsu massage and a week on the beach, and i've clearly been not a good listener this week. My stress area of my body is my shoulders. When I'm too busy or lots is going on with work and otherwise it's like my body decides to revolt. Slowly but surely the tenseness gathers in and around my shoulders and pretty soon i'm feeling like i need a giant back crack.

I'm with Stupid
Our bodies are smarter than us, they know what we need before we do. Part of health means listening. In fact our bodies are talking to us all the time - we're just too ridiculously busy with bullsh*t too notice. Yes to do lists are important, I suppose laundry needs to be done at some point and yes work does involved demands and deadlines but - when your body has decided to slowly tighten up and force you to slow down it means somewhere along the way we weren't listening to what our body was trying to say. Perhaps it got lost in translation, like the french boy who asks to sleep with you and you hand him a sandwich.

Every little thing your body does is a message:

Here is a quick sample of body talk translation to english
Body                                                                    English Translation 
Your back starts to get tight                                    Take a break, have a wine
Your back is sore and really tight                          Take a break or I'm going to f*ck  you up
You're really tired when you get up all the time      You're in the wrong job, marriage, place
Your ass is too big                                                   Get off your ass
Your hair is falling out           you're super stressed and I'm going to make you bald unless you change      
You have a fat tummy            your cortisol is high and you need to slow down and move more or else
You'd rather eat than have sex           you need a vacation, B vitamins, Zinc and some EFA's

Your Body Is The Boss
Here's the thing every single thing our body does is a dialogue with us but we're like the over zealous tourists in Paris just looking for the half naked dancing girls. We're just want what we want and we don't really want to pay attention to the messages because that might interfere with our to do list or schedule.

Uh well i've got news for you - your body is like working for a mafia don, when he asks you to jump you should be asking how high. Because if you ignore your body or the mafia don the likelyhood is at the very least there's going to be some busted knee caps.

What You Can Do For Your Body Staring Today:

Let's try to make your body happy. We want your body to get up in the morning pain free, have a great big poop and then start the day with a whistle and a shout.

To keep the conversation open here's some stuff you can do for your body
  1. Have an annual check up - Get all your relevant blood work done for your age and sex. Ask your doctor questions, get informed. 
  2. Keep exercising a bit every day. Remember exercise is like a mini vacation for your body. Even a good paced walk makes a real difference.
  3. Follow all the habits about food and drink. 
  4. Get to bed at a decent time. I know tv can be good, I know work is demanding, but you're body still needs an average of 8 hours a night and when you go to bed matters. We'll talk deep on sleep next week. But make sure you're going to bed before 10pm at least 3 nights a week.
  5. Get a massage. I don't care if you're weird about people touching you, if you are you're too uptight.  I don't care if you don't have the budget - think of all the new friends you'll meet offering up free massages or a massage exchange. The body responds to touch. A good massage will really help heal and de-stress your body.
  6. Take a deep breath. Most of us don't breath properly we're shallow breathers. So take a deep breath in through your nose feel your abdomen raise and expand and then breath out slowly through your mouth. do at least 10 deep breaths before you get up in the morning and go to bed at night or when you're about to freak out at any time of the day. 
  7. have sex - yep your body likes it - it helps your hormones stay balanced, relaxes you and you just feel generally happier. Your body likes happy.
  8. Have some fun. Your body doesn't like boring stuff. It gets tired off doing work and crap all the time. Let it go for a run in the sand, throw a frisbee around, let it have a drink under a shady tree.
  9. Touch yourself - oddly here I don't mean 'get it on' with yourself or be the master of your own domain - although heck i don't have a problem with that at all. What i mean is get to know your body. Feel your ankles, your legs your arms your chest, all of it. Many of us don't know how our normal healthy body looks and feels so when we feel pain or sick we're not able to assess the changes. Get to know your body. 
  10. Smile. It releases endorphins and makes us feel happier, lower blood pressure and strengthens are immunity. This is called the fun factor - try to make sure you're having some. 
Have a happy ass day.


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