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Gym Rules And Etiquettes

Posted May 25 2012 5:15am

Going to the gym is a daily routine for most of us and this routine becomes a very important part of our life, but it is imperative that we follow certain rules when we are working out at the gym without creating problems for others.

Here are some of the points to be followed while working out at the gym.

The gym is equipped with latest machines to tone your body hence it is important to use all the machines effectively and in the right manner and place them back in the right place after we finish our workouts as other members don’t deserve to waste their time locating for the equipments you keep in the wrong place.

Gym etiquetteIf you tend to sweat a lot and leave a pool of sweat on all the equipments around you must wipe out the sweat after you finish the work outs. Always carry a towel around for the same.

Be flexible with your fitness work outs timings and making others wait is not acceptable, and also don’t pressurize others to give you the equipment fast as it creates mental anxiety of someone waiting impatiently.

Do not drop the weights on the floors as it creates a noise, disturbs others and breaks the concentration of other members.

While at gym, basic etiquette says that if someone who needs a hand and is at a risk of injury make sure you go ahead and help him but don’t overdo it as it irritates others. Remember you are there to provide only support but don’t get over friendly.

You may be working out for ages in a gym, but don’t over advise others and preach about your fitness methods as it may annoy other members.

Conduct yourself in such a manner that you are welcomed with a smile whenever you enter the gym and your absence is felt by the regulars.

Overall in today’s fast paced life, the gym is one place where we can socialize and create new bonds. Hence it is imperative that we conduct ourselves with grace and dignity.

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