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Posted Feb 26 2012 11:00am
That's me.

Five weeks into my first ever diet/weight-loss regime (with a few failures along the way), and I have yet to go near the gym. Which is really very sad. I'm sure that if I had been exercising regularly I would have lost a whole lot more than just 7 pounds. Sure, I've got constant calisthenics going on and random bouts of jumping jacks, but it's just not really cutting it. What I need is something that will push me hard - something I'm going to absolutely hate...but love afterward.

Le gym.
...The very same gym I've had a paid membership at for months now.
...The very same gym I've never ever used.

A bit pathetic, I know, but Monday morning at 5:30 AM is going to change everything.

Hello, Bootcamp! I am SO scared to meet you!

Even so - I'm going to do it. And I'll probably be so out of my comfort zone that I'll want to cry, I'll look awkward and weak, but hey - I've got to start somewhere right? Plus, I've been afraid of gyms for so long that it's about time I cross that barrier once and for all. It's just my head all women at the gym look like this

...And actually know how to use the machines and whatnot. Then there's me, in my loose t-shirt and too-huggy stretchy pants, somehow getting my head stuck in a leg machine. Lol. (Just an example - but it wouldn't surprise me) But then I heard about our local Crossfit-inspired training, aka "Bootcamp", and I was intrigued. It's comforting to know that there are no weight machines, no mirrored walls, and that everyone goes their own pace - albeit, you're supposed to crank the workout as quickly/efficiently as possible with minimum to no resting. Still - there's no one hovering over you - you have to push yourself.

Taken from the Crossfit Draper website:

What is Crossfit? It’s an effective fitness program consisting of constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.
That said - it's a given that this thing will kick my trash, but that's the point. I need a serious dose of motivation and Bootcamp is guaranteed to make me work harder than I do on my own.

So...time to just suck it up and jump in.
(Wish me luck.)

Links about Crossfit!

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