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Guinea Pig for the Reebok Easy Tone Shoes

Posted Jan 20 2010 12:00am

Ever since the commercials came out for the Reebok Easy Tone shoes, I thought to myself, “I’ve GOT to get me a pair of those shoes!” I mean… who WOULDN’T want a pair of shoes that promises to help you get better legs and a better but with every single step?


Liz's Shoes


So for Christmas, that’s one of the things I got… and here I am, modeling them for my entire family at my parents home. Of course, there were family members who were skeptics… just like I was when I first heard about the shoes. But after doing LOTS of research online, I started to become more of a believer. Of course, the only way to know FOR SURE if they really live up to their promises is to try them out yourself… so I decided to become a real life guinea pig for the Reebok Easy Tone Shoes and give them a whirl.


One of my sisters begged and BEGGED me to do a little scientific research project for her, by wearing only ONE Reebok Easy Tone shoe   for an entire month… while wearing my my normal gym shoe … just to see what the difference would be in my toosh and thighs. But in CASE these shoes really DO have merit to them, I wasn’t willing to have a lopsided backside just to prove my point! HA!


So now that I’ve been wearing them faithfully since Christmas Day, I decided it was time to give you my full report.


First of all, the shoes were ordered online, which is always a bit scary when you’re talking about gym shoes because you want something that fits perfectly and that is very supportive in the arch and ankle area. But surprisingly, they fit true to size and were extremely comfortable! My first impression was instantly a good one and that’s really hard for me when I go shopping for gym shoes! ha ha! Normally, I have to try on about 10 pairs before I find one that I’m satisfied with!


My next impression was hilarious. When I first started walking in them, I was instantly wobbily. A little like a newborn baby bird. Not too bad, but not too good either. It didn’t last long… only a few seconds is all, but it was a funny sensation that made me laugh. The reason why I felt like this, is because each shoe has two balance pods built-in under the heel and the forefoot of the shoes… which, they claim, “are designed to create natural instability with every step which forces your muscles to adapt and encourage toning.”


As I went about my day – especially that first day of wearing them – I could definitely feel something going on in my hamstrings and butt muscles. It wasn’t anything big and it’s not like I was sore the next day, but those muscles were clearly feeling something new as I was going about my business. That feeling didn’t last long, as I’m sure my body quickly got used to me wearing these shoes, but it was cool knowing that muscles in my body were mildly firing, due to these cool little trendy shoes I was wearing! :)


So my final thoughts on the shoes?


1. They challenge your balance, which is great for the core muscles.

I have found them to be during my leg workouts – especially when doing things like one-legged squats, pendulums, t-poses and things of that nature – because the balance pods force you to contract your abs and glutes even tighter than you normally would, {cause you don’t want to fall down}, so I absolutely LOVE that part of them!


2. They are firm and supportive.

When I wear these shoes, I feel like my feet are solid and stable… however, they are extremely comfortable to me. I never had to go through that “breaking in” stage where I had to deal with blisters or anything like that. I just wanted to wear them all day long from the very first time I wore them. {And NO, Reebok is not paying me to write this post, nor are they giving me a pair of free shoes or anything like that! Although, that sure would be awesome wouldn’t it?!}


3. Although they might not do MUCH, I think they do a little SOMETHING for the backside.

Now obviously, I don’t have any way of measuring what these shoes have done to benefit my butt. {ha ha ha!} And since I always incorporate lower body exercises into my workout routines anyway, it’s especially hard to determine or break down which part of the reward came from all of my hard work… or which part came from the shoes. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, that the HARD WORK and resistance training is where 99.9% of any improvement would have come from and that little 1% might be the result of these cool little shoes. {I don’t know. I’m no lab researcher… so I’m just guessing here… but that’s my hypothesis on all of this fancy foot-work stuff!}


But I just keep going back to that first day when I wore them and how I definitely felt a little “sumpin, sumpin” going on in my thighs, hamstrings, and toosh that I’ve never felt before when I put on a pair of shoes. It was awesome! Now that I’m used to that feeling however, doesn’t mean that those same muscles aren’t firing off and working. So that’s why I’m still convinced that those muscle groups ARE actively engaged, {and yet in a regular old pair of gym shoes, they wouldn’t be!} See why I’m so in love?


So would I recommend these shoes to other people? Absolutely! I LOVE mine! I’m not certain that they live up to their claims entirely, but I sure have been happy with mine. I think the thing that people need to be aware of when they buy these shoes, is not to expect that they will give them the skinny little bum and perfect little thighs that they are hoping for, JUST by wearing them! Psh! You STILL have to work hard, exercise often, eat right and do EVERYTHING else that you know you need to do… and use these shoes simply as a tool… similar to a bosu ball in the gym!


If you already have a pair of these shoes, I’d love to hear what you think about them! Or if you get a pair in the future, be sure to come back and let me know what you think about them after you run around the block in them a time or two! Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I do… and who knows… maybe you’ll have some really great story to share with us!


Hope you have a healthy day!






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