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Guilt free chocolate chip cookie pie

Posted Mar 01 2010 12:04pm

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend ;) We did though it was a busy one. Michelle and I were in the kitchen a lot prepping food and creating a bunch of new recipes!!!

We took Saturday off from working out, which it is always nice to take a day off. Although on Sunday we did about 30 minutes of a mix of things for a workout like yoga, jump rope, stairs, and some calisthenics plus a 20 minute run outside. It felt nice to get outside for an easy run :) Looking forward to Spring for sure! We both just felt like doing a bunch of different thing yesterday instead of the same old thing. It was great to mix things up! Keeps the body guessing.

Made this quick and easy post workout pudding

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 140

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 142

And of course we ate well over the weekend. Here are just a few highlights!

We had some carrot coconut wrapper left so we decided to create sauerkraut arugula wrap out of it stuffed with some pumpkin seeds ;)

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 019 Heavenly!!! YUM YUM!!!

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 006

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 018

Easy, simple and sooo satisfying. Loving the carrot coconut wrapper!

And to go along with this lovely wrap was more sauerkraut and arugula (fresh from the local farmers market)

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 021

And as I mentioned before about what we had in store for our dessert!!! Well we got the inspiration from the lovely Jessica who is so creative with her desserts. Once we saw this cookie pie we just knew we had to make it with our twist on it ;)

Here it is Pure2Raw’s Gluten free Vegan Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 032

And this cookie pie is also nut free and only sweetened with stevia!

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 145

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 153

AMAZING! There are no words to describe this mouth watering dessert. Not only did it taste great and like cookie dough but knowing that there were no nuts and no sugar was even better :) A truly guilt free dessert! Thanks Jessica for the inspiration!!!

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 154

And dinner last night was a glorious salad :)

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 157 Watercress, spinach, nutritional yeast, fermented veggies , turmeric, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and topped with quinoa and cinnamon and coriander seeds.

feb 2010 pure2raw blog more 164 Once again heavenly! Not a bad way to end the weekend eh?

We are also making our own compost and growing some cabbage… more on that tomorrow! Fun stuff over here :)

Have a glorious Monday evening!

Till next time,


The Twins


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