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Guest Post: The difference between factory farmed meats and non factory farmed meats…

Posted Apr 24 2013 7:00am

There are SO many meat options available at grocery stores (usually MORE options at health food stores).  People often do not know what the best option for them is and which type of meat that they should choose.  Here is some information that should hopefully help you when choosing your meat the next time you are at the store:

The difference between factory farmed meats and non factory farmed meats

The difference between factory farmed meats and non factory farmed meats might seem trivial,
but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to health benefits, factory farmed meats
and non factory farmed meats are chalk and cheese. Because the conditions that factory farmed
animals live in are so poor, they become diseased, and are therefore pumped full of antibiotics
and medication, as well as very strong growth hormones in order to make the animals ready for
slaughter faster and get a better profit for the farmer. This means that some of the bugs the animals
contract become resistant even to the strongest antibiotics. Free range and non factory farmed
animals are not subjected to any of these conditions, but rather are left to graze freely, and not only
live better lives but are healthier animals themselves, and don’t carries terrible germs and infections
obtained from bad living conditions.

Free range beef

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Moreover, free range meat have a much lower ration of Omega 3 fats to Omega 6 fats, meaning that
it not only doesn’t cause heart attack risk to increase (like factory farmed meat does), it actually can
reduce your risk of heart attack. When all the benefits of free range meat are taken into account, the
small price difference seems minuscule compared to the quality difference.

Free range and organic meat is becoming more and more and more popular as the health risks
become known. Some free range butchers like Cannings take care to choose free range and grass
fed meats from selected Australian farms. Good butchers will adhere to meat standards Australia.



Notice that free range meats may be MORE expensive than farm raised meats.  If you do choose to get farm raised meats try to figure out where it comes from and investigate how they treat and process their animals.  It is always good to know where and how your food is processed.

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