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Guest Post: Is your Health Drink Healthy?

Posted Mar 08 2010 2:36pm

Here are 5 of the most misleading so called health drinks:

1) Fruit Smoothies: Many of these smoothies contain 11 grams or more of sugar in those tiny little 100ml bottles. If that isnt’ bad enough the process that the fruits go through mean they are not as high in vitamins as you may be lead to believe. As well the processing strips the fruit in the smoothies of most of their fiber.

What to do? There’s nothing like the real thing. Yummy apples, berries, citrus fruits…etc.

2) Vitamin Water – The idea is a good one ,however some vitamin waters can contain up to 33 grams of sugar.

What to do? Hmmm this is a bit of a no brainer but stick to the real thing! If you don’t like the taste of plain water add a slice of lemon.

3) Bottled Green Tea – Simply not as good as the real thing. One of the things that makes green tea so good for us is the high level of antioxidants called catechins. Bottled green teas unfortunately contain very low levels or no catechins at all.

What to do? Brew it at home or stop in to a local café for a freshly brewed cup.

4) Bottled Vegetable Juices – Unfortunately they don’t stand the test of time. Vegetable juices start to lose their potency shortly after being juiced. Many bottled vegetables juices also contain high levels of sodium.

What to do? Either juice at home and drink straight away or purchase freshly juiced vegetables from cafes and health shops that make it fresh and serve instantly.

5) Yoghurt Drinks: These are quite the craze especially with women as many of these drinks claim to help with bloating. They claim to contain friendly bacteria however many of the drinks do not contain a significant amount of probiotic doses and many are high in sugar.

What to do? In this case read your labels as probiotics are good for you so long as you are actually consuming them. You can also take probiotics in the form of a supplement (remember to consult your health professional before embarking on a new programme).

When reading labels for sugar 2-3 grams per 100ml is considered to be low and anything more than 10 grams is considered high.

To save on calories, avoid sugar and maximize on health benefits here are a few suggestions:

Water with lemon or cucumber slices

Hot water with fresh ginger and lemon

Green tea, white tea or nettle tea

Fresh mint tea, either hot or cold

Remember just like most things in life if it seems too good be true it probably is. The more natural something is the more likely it is to be good for you.

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