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Guest Post: How to stay cool with treats this summer

Posted Jun 10 2011 7:00am

Hi Y’all! My name is Lauri and I’m a Registered Dietitian eating my way through life’s tasty treats, one bite at a time! I document my food journey and daily recipes over at!

I met Marci at the FoodBuzz Festival last year. Actually, we were roommates! I have enjoyed watching her blog grow over the past year! Her photos our gorgeous (Did you see those Double chocolate cookies ?)

While Marci is away enjoying the cooler temps in Aspen, I’m here in South Carolina trying desperately hard NOT to melt in our super humid, near 100 degree weather!

In fact, this weather is SO hot, its got me craving everything cold and sweet I can get my hands on. So if you are like me, and need to cool off a bit, try one of these COLD sweet treats on a HOT summer day.

Oh, and the best part about these tasty summer treats– They won’t wreak havoc on all the hard work you’ve done preparing for bathing suit season (Ugh, is there anything worse than bathing suit shopping?!)

Frozen Grapes

So simple and so refreshing on a hot summer day! Frozen grapes are the perfect summer treat to keep on hand everyday. Grab a few metal or bamboo skewers and place grapes back-to-back until the skewer is full (Be sure to wash and pat the grapes dry first). Place skewers in your freezer for at least an hour and enjoy on a hot summer afternoon. This would also be a great snack alternative for kids to enjoy instead of sugary popsicles!


Banana Frozen Yogurt

Love soft ice cream but hate all of the calories and added sugar that goes along with it? Then this is the perfect dessert for you! Simply peel and dice bananas, then place in a Ziploc bag and stick into the freezer for several hours. Place frozen bananas in a food processor and ‘Let her Rip’ for several minutes (*Note: A blender will work, but not as well).  Stop to scrape the sides every couple of minutes or so. Eventually, the frozen bananas will turn into the consistency of frozen yogurt!

Top with melted Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter

For a step by step visual, click here

Chocolate [Avocado] Pudding

Avocado in pudding? Wha? I know, crazy right?!  This rich, chocolaty pudding makes a perfect dessert for a summer BBQ.

What you will need:

  • *1 avocado
  • *4Tb rounded cocoa powder
  • *1/4 cup light coconut milk
  • *½ banana
  • *2-3 Tb Agave nectar (or honey)

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a food processor until well combined (You may have to scrape the sides a few times). Chill in fridge for a couple hours, or until cold.


Frozen yogurt is probably the Tastiest Summer Treat to emerge over the past couple years. However, it’s just as easy to make your own frozen yogurt at home with a little help from Chobani’s FAQ section (

Can I freeze Chobani Greek Yogurt?
Yes, frozen Chobani (or “FroCho” as we like to call it) can be frozen and stored for up to three months. While frozen, the live and active cultures present in Chobani become dormant. But once thawed, either in the refrigerator or by your body heat when eaten, they become live and active again.
FroCho will have a slightly different texture, whether eaten frozen or thawed, but makes for a refreshing treat.

Packed with protein and a lot less sugar than ice cream, frozen [Greek] yogurt is a great way to chill off during these hot summer days without any guilt! And with so many flavor choices, such as cherry, pineapple, pomegranate, blueberry, peach, and strawberry (to name a few), FroCho is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of palates!

EatingWell’s Frozen Raspberry Pie

I haven’t had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into this decadent looking treat, but it won’t be long before I do! And at just over 200calories a slice, that teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini will still fit once the pie is gone!

I hope you guys STAY COOL this summer and I hope to see y’all around!!

THANK YOU Marci for allowing me to guest post on your blog! I am truly honored!! Hope you have a BLAST in Aspen!!

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