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Guest Post! How to Get Fit On Your Bike

Posted Feb 05 2013 12:04pm

Guest Post! How to Get Fit On Your Bike

by Alyssa on February 5, 2013

If going to the gym isn’t your idea of a fun afternoon activity, you should definitely consider cycling.

Instead of going to the gym and being constantly reminded that you should be working harder or sweating more, cycling encourages you to get fit with a purpose; to get from A to B!



In order to stay safe whilst you ride, get yourself a good road bike . Leisure Lakes have great sales on throughout the year and you can pick-up a swift and lightweight road bike for under £450.

To make getting up and down hills easier, you should aim for a road bike with 8+ gears. This will ensure you maintain a comfortable ride without working yourself too hard and tiring out too early on your journey.

A protective helmet is obviously your next purchase; along with stylish and functional riding wear to keep you cool yet is flexible enough to ride in. For night and winter riding make sure you get yourself some lights so other road users and pedestrians can see you too.

Read about road bikes in the BBC Guide .



As cycling works your core and the lower half of your body, you should concentrate on stretching your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, neck, shoulders, stomach and buttock muscles.

View these stretches for cyclists too and be sure to give yourself a good 10 minutes to stretch before you start cycling.



The perfect foods to give your body the get-up-and-go it needs to complete a ride include fruits, whole grains, vegetables and other healthy, unprocessed goods that will keep you full of energy.

As well as water, have a cup of green or black tea as it will speed-up your body’s recovery after your ride.


Grab a friend

If your current social circle isn’t as up for cycling as you are, visit CyclingBuddy to meet with people in your area. Whether you want someone to train with or are seeking a more experienced rider to show you some new routes, you are bound to find like-minded people here.



Depending on how tough your journey is and how much you weigh, you could be losing between 400 and 500 calories per hour!

You will also find that your legs are firmer (especially your thighs) so you will look great in that slinky pencil dress or on the beach… bye bye cellulite! By reducing your fat percentage and increasing your muscle mass you will raise your base metabolic rate; improving general fitness means your body will burn more calories as you eat or lounge around the house!

pixel Guest Post! How to Get Fit On Your Bike
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