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Guest post: Have your wedding cake & eat it too!

Posted May 29 2010 4:00am

Hey everyone! In lieu of boring you with writing zilch this weekend, I have a fun guest post from Kendra , a fellow Hollaback Health blogger, a fellow Wellsphere Top Health Blogger, and an all around amazing lady! Oh, and she just got Twitter so follow her !

Should you be reading this Saturday I am currently at either a wedding rehearsal, a wedding rehearsal luncheon, meeting Christie , hanging out with friends, and sleeping. If you should be reading this Sunday, I will be beautifying, drinking champagne, and standing beside my best girl friend as she makes those timeless vows to one lucky guy! I thought a post on indulging at special events, like a wedding, would be appropriate and Kendra very graciously offered to help me out! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! So, take it away, Kendra!!!


A few years ago I was a bridesmaid in a wedding for the first time. At first I was totally excited. I got to dress up, get new shoes, wear sparkly things, and even sing at the wedding. Then I saw what I was expected to wear…

Once a proper dress was finally selected (really brides, do you want us to look ugly??), I was set for a weekend away of parties, food, drink, and flirting with that one cousin of so-and-so (I’m not wearing stilettos for nothing!).

Now that I’m working on a healthier lifestyle and weight loss, things are different. With wedding season starting, we need strategies to navigate the oh so delicious minefield of wedding festivities.  Abstinence? Um… no. Go hog wild? Only if you want to come back feeling like, well, a hog. So how do you find the middle ground? Let’s talk about some strategies.

Before You Go: Be Prepared

As with most things in life, preparation is key. Here are a few things you can get in place ahead of time to make the weekend more fun and less stressful. For the few days before the weekend away you should be proactive about getting enough sleep, water, and vitamins.

I’m not normally an advocate of vitamin supplements; I think that it’s better to get your vitamins by eating balanced, but in some cases it’s helpful. If you’re going to be eating and drinking extravagantly (and you know you will be) these things can help. Alcohol depletes your body of certain vitamins and you’ll want to compensate a little bit.

It’s also a good idea to bring some things to snack on. Yep, I’m advocating for being that girl. Now, if you’re thinking 100 calorie packs, please just bitch slap yourself now. Bring real food. In fact, throw all those sorts of things away and you’ll be much better off anyway.

I’m not much of a snacker so I like to have things that are calorie and nutrient dense that I can eat pretty quickly and get on with things. Nuts are great, 15 almonds will stave off hunger for a few hours and almonds are easy to pack. Trail mixes that aren’t sugary are in general a fabulous snack as well.

If you are traveling beware of anything that can ooze. Spillage in you suitcase is never a good thing. Some of the odd things I like to take are radishes, Triscuits, Roma tomatoes, a few salami slices, and cheese sticks. All of these things can survive outside the fridge and won’t make a mess.

The last tidbit of preparation is mental. You need to know that if you are working on weight loss, there will be a little damage done to your progress. It can be minimized, but accept that there will be some and enjoy it. Much of it will be water retention from sugar, salt, and alcohol, but some of it will be from more calories than usual. It’s okay.

During: The Balancing Act

Keep being proactive about getting enough water and vitamins. You probably won’t be getting enough sleep. Doing both of these things will help with your impending hangover and will reduce water retention later. Unless you want to get out the elastic waist pants on Monday, keep drinking water.

Pick your poison. Seriously, eat a piece of wedding cake. Pick and choose the things that you’ll really enjoy and the things that are symbolic of the event, but think about what’s worth it and what isn’t. Are you going to really enjoy the pigs in a blanket? Maybe not… Be picky here. If you think you’ll regret eating it, don’t. If you think you’ll feel cheated in not eating it, do. For me anything with rum in it is worth it but I won’t look twice at the finger foods. The chocolate fountain doesn’t interest me but I will not pass up cake.

Work it. Dance your ass off. Literally. You’re having some extra calories but you also have to opportunity to dance many of those calories off. Don’t be a wallflower. Considering that dancing is pretty much the most fun form of exercise ever this is a pretty good deal.

After: Get Over It

Water, vitamins, and sleep. Am I sounding redundant? Good. Boost your vegetable content for a little while to give your body nutrients it can absorb well and really keep hydrated.

Welcome back to work, laundry, and your daily routine. It’s sad that the party’s over but it is. You have to bounce back into your routine now and leave the party behind. You’ll still have the memories and your BFF will still have that one picture of that one incident… but it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

Respect your body when working out. If you are just to depleted of energy and oomph in general, go easy on the first workout back. Don’t kill yourself just to burn 300 calories. It isn’t worth it. By Wednesday you should be able to hit it hard again but on Monday you can give yourself some lee-way.

It’s also time to look at the damage done without emotion. You probably gained a few pounds. Don’t look at it as the ground you lost, instead think of where you are now as a new start point. Use this experience later as a reminder that you can have a weekend party away and not derail yourself completely.

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