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Guest Post from Gaiam TV!!

Posted Jul 21 2013 10:08pm

I have realized that I need yoga in my life. My joints have been really “chatty” lately and I want to be more flexible and have less creaks and pops. I am waaaay to young for that shiz! Well, as if it were meant to be, Erica from Gaiam TV (they make awesome yoga products- I have a block and strap from them!) sent me a guest post to share with you today! It’s a great story and one that inspired me to find a studio asap!

Courtney Outdoor Yoga

“When you look at your body in the mirror what are the first three words that come to your mind?  Those are usually the things that you want to change.  Six months ago I looked in the mirror and saw cellulite, flabbiness and wrinkles.  I was so incredibly critical of every little flaw I had.  I have been an avid runner for many years but only started practicing yoga 6 months ago to help my knees out.  I struggled with classes because they were either too crowded or too hot or too slow or I didn’t like the playlist.

But I loved the way yoga was making me feel.  I started to notice my arms and how toned they were, my stomach and butt began shaping up.  The best part though, was how clear my mind was.  I was beginning to notice the beauty of my body, and I was so much happier.

It wasn’t long before I ditched classes and began to practice in my home…in my bathroom… in front of a large mirror I bought.  I am a strong believer in that the real practice of yoga begins when you practice on your own.  To learn all of the poses and routines I streamed yoga videos off of Gaiam TV.  Once I learned the poses and which ones I liked and where I wanted to focus my practice, I began to develop my own.  I created my own playlist to all of the songs I love and it fuels my motivation.  I practice a specific pose I want to learn and focus on that until I have it.  The feeling after I perfect that pose is incredible.  Now when I look in the mirror I only notice the beautiful things about myself.  This is a practice I have developed that happened to work for me, what practices have you developed or can you develop to create a positive impact on your life?

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