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guest post by David Haas – how to go holistic for cancer sufferers

Posted Jul 15 2013 12:33am


Many of those in cancer recovery, regardless of whether they suffered from mesothelioma or breast cancer, choose a different nutrition path when they are in treatment or directly after finishing treatment. With the benefits of a holistic approach, patients see the benefits right away from raw food, detoxifying nutrients, more vegetables and organic food. In addition, natural diets based upon eating raw fruit and vegetables have been known to end chronic illness, prevent heart disease and lower the risk of cancer. With all of those benefits in mind, starting a holistic diet is the first step to a better balance within the body.

It’s essential that when starting a nutritious and holistic diet that you drink eight glasses of water per day. This water should be purified to ensure that no toxins are getting into the bloodstream. In addition, consider what other liquids that you ingest into the body. Coffee, soda and energy drinks are not a good fit for this diet. Herbal teas and juices made from raw fruits and vegetables are the best liquids to also digest while considering a holistic diet.

Holistic approach also requires that food be harvested and prepared naturally, which means that organic fruits, vegetables and protein sources are key. Many fruits and vegetables suffer from toxins because of herbicides, hormones, pesticides and preservatives. Meats and dairy suffer from genetically modified hormones, which creates other toxins for the body. In addition, salads, juicing and raw food is a more preferred way to taking in these nutrients. Microwaves and additives should be avoided when preparing food.

Two other things that have helped many people choosing the holistic method is buying locally and seasonally from farmer’s markets as well as juicing. Many fruits and vegetables are harvested organically and sold at farmer’s markets by growers in your community. Juicing is the natural way to consume all of the necessary nutrients to detoxify and cleanse the digestive tract. For example, juices made with kale, apples, cucumber, ginger, celery, lemon and flaxseeds provide a powerhouse of nutrients like vitamins B, C, D and A, as well as provide magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium.

It’s also essential that digestive enzymes from plant-based materials can help with digestion. Daily multi-nutrient supplements also improve health. Making gradual changes is key to making sure this diet works for you. Some choose to add a raw food meal to their daily diet or a glass of handmade juice from detoxing ingredients. Along with the right diet, continue to exercise and balance the energy in your body. Moderate portions are also key to everything. If you choose a holistic diet, remember that you should clean out your kitchen to get rid of unhealthy foods and start with the basics again.

P.S. by Nadia – If you suffer or are recovering from cancer, please contact a nutritionist for a specific blend of foods and supplements for your particular condition.

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