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Guest Post: 5 Reasons Oral Contraceptives Might Hinder Your Health by Kristina Davidson

Posted Dec 06 2010 12:00am
It's my birthday today so I'm taking a break and letting someone else do the blogging for me!  Let me introduce the lovely Kristina Davidson.  Kristina has a passion for women's health and has written a very informative article about oral contraception.

Five Reasons Oral Contraceptives Might Hinder your Health

Sure, there are many of reasons why the advent of birth control pills has been great: More women than ever began attending college and entering the workforce after their introduction, physical relationships are easier than ever and teen pregnancy has seen a welcome decline. However, many women remain oblivious of the dangers these pills include. The following list highlights several of the reasons why oral contraceptives might lead to serious health consequences.

#1  They can make you heavier
One of the drawbacks of birth control pills is that they might lead to weight gain. Although recent evidence suggests this weight gain isn’t necessarily a direct result of these pills, many women have reported significant weight gain while using these drugs. Fluid retention and increased appetite are two explanations for this change in weight.  

#2-They affect your sex drive
Many women also report that these pills decrease their libido, enjoyment of sex and lubrication during intercourse. Scientific evidence suggests the estrogen in these pills might interfere with the testosterone in the user’s body, disrupting their sex drive.   

#3-They can permanently disrupt your hormones
This disruption of hormones has, specifically, led to reports of emotional changes. Users report depression, increased anxiety and mood swings as a result of this medication. Some critics of the pill also believe that permanent infertility and an increased risk of breast cancer accompany the use of these pills as well. Premenstrual symptoms (PMS) can also be magnified by the use of this drug.

#4-They can lead to the spread of sexually transmitted disease
No, birth control pills don’t weaken your immune system or directly facilitate the spread of disease. However, because of the effectiveness and heavy marketing of these pills, they can lead to many misconceptions among young women, including that they also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately, these drugs must be used in combination with condoms to prevent disease. However, these pills might still embolden young women to have sex without additional protection because pregnancy is not a concern. 

#5-They can have lethal health impacts 
Because one of their main ingredients, estrogen, acts as a blood coagulator, these products have been shown to cause serious cardiovascular health risks. One Yaz lawsuit even involves a woman who developed blood clots in her lungs as a result of using this particular brand of medication. Other fatal side effects include stroke, pulmonary embolism and gallbladder disease.    

Unfortunately, many women remain unaware of these potential hazards. These drugs have become very popular in recent years, with over 12 million users in the U.S. alone. That popularity has since prompted manufacturers to suppress the consequences of these drugs so their profits continue. However, women that truly desire a healthy body and mind should sift through the fallacies surrounding these products before settling on a risky form of contraception that sacrifices their mental and physical health. 
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