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Grown Up Halloween Delight with MGN Protein!

Posted Oct 31 2012 10:17pm

As Cooper trick-o-treated/cried at our neighbors houses today, I decided I needed a treat when we got home!

A Zoo Keeper and his Lion.

Recently, I got a chance to try any flavor of protein from Muscle Gauge Nutrition .  I was really torn between Cake batter and Ice Cream Sandwich flavors of their Pure Isolate Whey Protein   so I left the decision up to them.  They sent me Ice Cream Sandwich.  SCORE!

I am usually a strictly chocolate or vanilla girl so I was excited to try something different.  I was also happy to see it didn’t have too many calories for a girl who doesn’t have the world’s fastest metabolism.

I know some people wouldn’t be thrilled with sucralose (artificial sweetener) but I feel in moderation everything is fine and it tastes really REALLY good! The powder even has little chunks of “ice cream sandwich” in it that makes it look and taste like Oreo!  Sooo good.

I am not usually one to just mix protein powder and water, but I tried it in a quick pinch after CrossFit and I was surprised how easily it dissolved in my shaker bottle and it was really tasty!  BUT today is Halloween, I needed more than just a water mixer.  So I decided to make a delicious protein milkshake with my MGN protein!

Here is the recipe!

A little whipped cream on top really sealed the deal and it was just like having a milkshake, only with 25 grams of protein!  Can’t be beat!  I honestly am really excited to have this in my pantry  to help ward off my sweet cravings.  I recommend this to anyone with a sweet tooth looking to combat it head on with a more satisfying option!


Hope everyone had a great Halloween Night!  :)


*I received Muscle Gauge Nutrition’s  Pure Isolate Whey Protein at no cost.  All opinions are my own.

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