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Grow a Pear

Posted May 23 2011 3:49pm
The title pretty much says it all.

And no, it's not simply meant to glorify the hit song by my homegirl with the dollar sign (although I do love me some Ke$ha) --- but the fact that it's about time I finally grew "a pear" and started my own blog. A few months ago I discovered the blog world through some mindless stumbling , and have been fascinated by it ever since. Call me creepy, but I love reading about people's daily musings, and find that I can connect to a lot of people in the community. Of course, up until now, I have been a silent lurker. But after finding myself reading blogs almost on the daily, I figured it only made sense to contribute.

More specifically, I've taken up an interest in healthy living/cooking blogs. As a kid, my mom always kept a healthy household. Family dinners, healthy snacking, no soda, fresh fruits and veggies present at every meal -- you catch my drift. Don't get me wrong, there was also your fair share of devil's food cake, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and key lime pies (my mom is a bit of a dessert fiend). But there was always a balance. In addition I've always loved exercise. Whether it be through sports, casual hikes, walking the dog, or running around doing crazy stuff with my friends, I love being active and energized. Eating healthfully has never really come to me as a chore, but rather second nature. When I eat right, I just plain feel better (and perform better!). This is why, when I went off to college this past September, I had no intention of completely ditching my healthy habits. Over the course of the year I've attempted to prove that it really IS possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle in college. And by healthy I mean balanced - yes it is important to nourish our bodies with whole grains, protein, fruits and veggies - but it is also ok (and mentally healthy) to eat some midnight pizza or fries after a night out. Health is not about dietary perfection but rather being able to properly nourish and fuel our bodies without obsessing over the occasional "indulgences." (Should we even call them indulgences?) If I'm craving a piece of cake after dinner, I'm going to eat it. I only have one life to live -- and I want to enjoy it. If that means that I'm not being healthy 100% of the time, I'm OK with that. At the same time I love eating nutritious real foods, which make up the majority of my eats.

I'm hoping this blog can document some of my eats, as well as musings, crazy life happenings etc. I simply love living in the moment and enjoying life. And hey, it's summer! (at least for now).

Phew! That's just a short background - more details about who I am & my life in general soon to come.

But for now... Hello Blogworld! - can you handle this?...
(can you guess which one's me?)

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