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Grocery Shopping in Reverse

Posted Jun 18 2013 7:34am

We got home late on Sunday from Savannah , which meant my weekly food prep wasn’t happening. Being the extremely flexible, easy going gal that I am (Ok, Ok, that I’m tryyyyying to be), I figured I’d take care of it all during nap time on Monday. Well, yesterday after the gym Hailey and I ended up at the farmers market, listless. Chaos ensued.

I’m not just talking about Hailey running around shoving handfuls of cherry tomatoes and blackberries in her mouth, though that did happen. I’m talking about ME shoving beautiful produce in my basket willy nilly, without a plan.

backwards grocery shopping- farmers market haul

$28 worth of freshness

I know what you are thinking. Shopping without a list?! Woah guuurl, you cray!

Ha, kidding, but I always go in with a plan, so when I came home with all this beautiful food, I immediately got to work on a plan to eat it all before any of it went bad.

Even the eggplant. What the heck do I do with an eggplant?

The answer is grill it. The answer is always to grill.


Clearly I’m all about the grill now that I know how to use it myself.

After nap, we headed to Whole Foods. I figured why not; we had to be in Charlotte to pick up Koda anyway!

backwards grocery shopping- h snacking

Per usual, Hailey snacked while I shopped.

backwards grocery shopping- wf cart

We packed the cooler, grabbed Koda and headed home. Unfortunately we hit traffic, but Hailey found ways to entertain herself. I cracked up when I glanced up to check on her and found this-

backwards grocery shopping- bored kiddo

Back home, we unloaded the goodies.

backwards grocery shopping- cart 1

I really am enjoying the quinoa pasta!

backwards grocery shopping- cart 2

Don’t fool yourself into thinking marketing to kids doesn’t work. We bought the ravioli ONLY because H was so excited about Elmo.

Also, ORGANIC marinara at Whole Foods is only $3!! It usually runs double that at Harris Teeter, so I stocked up.

backwards grocery shopping- cart3

Wild Keta salmon was on sale for $9.99/lb

backwards grocery shopping- cart 4

And a new item to try- brown rice tortillas!

Between the farmers market ($28) and Whole Foods ($98), our total grocery bill was roughly $126. It’s a little higher than usual, but I’m aiming on spending a little more on groceries to curb our weekend eating out. We’ll see how it goes!

Overall, I feel great that I was able to piece together the week backwards, but look forward to getting back to meal planning first next weekend!

Are you a loyal list user or do you wing it?

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