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Grocery Shopping and A Rough 12 Miler…

Posted Apr 01 2012 3:14am

… and by rough I mean a tad boring. After running my last few runs outside (click here , here , here , and here ), the treadmill seemed harder than usual.

At least it was my last super long run on a treadmill. I’m very happy about that after yesterday.

The downside to running long runs on a treadmill is that you don’t have mile splits to see where you slowed down or sped up, everyone looks at you like you are nuts, and, unless there is a good show on the tv, it can get monotonous. All the above happened to me yesterday – sigh.
It’s all good tho. The one good part is that it helps you keep a certain pace – since long runs are supposed to be at a slower pace than normal where you could talk if needed, the treadmill helps you stay at this pace without speeding up.

Lets just say I have a love hate relationship with the treadmill for long runs ;)

Before I headed out, I had one of my typical pre-run snacks..

1/2 a whole wheat bagel with some almond butter and 1/2 banana (don’t worry, the other half got used later ;) )

This was perfect and gave me the fuel I needed.

Here is how the run went…

Oh yea, the treadmills max out at 1hr so I always stop and reset it before so I can get some sort of time for the run.

All together, it took me ~ 1hr 53 mins to run it at ~ 9:30pace (between 6.3mph and 6.5mph).

Once I finished, I drank some lowfat (lactaid) chocolate milk since I knew it was going to be a little while until I was going to have breakfast/lunch.

The night before I made a batch of my Proatmeal Pancakes so they were ready to cook post-run :)

I got the griddle ready …

And made my pancakes …

Topped them with some peanut butter ..

…and the rest of that banana with some maple syrup

Can you say YUM!? I thoroughly enjoyed these ;)

After some fuel, I headed to the grocery store for a quick trip to restock my fridge with some of my staples.

A few of you have asked me for some sort of grocery list for when I go to the food store. Well, it changes pretty much every week depending on what I plan for meals; however, there are a few things I buy just about every time I go since I eat them practically everyday, or they don’t have a long shelf life (i.e. fresh veggies). So, I decided to snap a quick pic of my grocery store pick-ups this week.

[My list always includes fresh veggies and fruit and yogurt]

(Since next weekend is Easter and I will be heading home, I planned for 4 nights of dinner (sunday-wednesday) and I thought logically of what I would need for other meals/snacks for those few days.)

In the above picture:

  • Fresh veggies: asparagus and brussel sprouts (a 2 lb. bag was on sale! – I eat them enough that they will be gone before the end of the week hehe) as my veggies for this weeks dinner and some spinach for omelets and smoothies.
  • Baby Romaine for salads and sandwich toppers
  • Bananas (6) — I LOVE bananas and eat them literally all the time so I buy them all the time — depending how ripe/not ripe they look determines the amount I buy
  • Silk Almond Milk Original Unsweetend (I usually buy the Original one at costco since its cheaper for three cartons; but, at school I don’t have access to costco and I ran out of my milk, therefore, I had to go with what the store had)
  • FAGE Total 0% plain greek yogurt – my fav – I eat one pretty much everyday, sometimes multiple times in a day, so I ALWAYS buy yogurt (They now sell a case of the 6 oz. plain kind in costco!! This was a great discovery by my mom. Like my milk, I will usually buy these at costco)
  • Sweet potatoes (2) – I need three for my dinners this week but I could only find 1 small one – the others were MASSIVE so I just bought one and will cut it in half ;)
  • Tomatoes (2) – for sandwich toppers – tomatoes really aren’t that great this time of year – I’d much rather a summer Jersey tomato ;)
  • 1/2 dozen large eggs – I always like to have eggs on hand for random omelets ;)
  • 3/4 lb. container fresh chicken thinly sliced (I usually keep some in the freezer, but I ran out. I restocked and bought some fresh for this week.
  • Strawberries (2) – They were on sale – buy 1 get 1 free – so I did :)
Many of the above are my staples that I eat practically every day/week, but my list changes a lot depending on the week. Also, my number 1 suggestion is NEVER go food shopping hungry – I can be guilty of this at times and you end up buying more than you need or things that you probably won’t eat.
Now, I always browse the frozen veggie isles for deals and buy them when they’re on sale so I always have a veggie that can be ready in a minute if I ever run out of fresh. My freezer is STOCKED with frozen veggies, nuts, seeds, and portions of fresh fish, chicken, shrimp, and meals that I had made in a big batch - i.e. soup, chili, and pancakes. Also, I have some bread in there as well to prevent it from spoiling.
With a couple weeks left of school, I will be clearing out my freezer each day by preparing my meals from what I have in there. 
Lastly, I will leave you with my meal plan for the week to give you an idea of how I plan things out.
I first go through my schedule to see what my days will be like and then I sit down to organize my meals around it.

Sunday: Flounder with white wine sauce, maple roasted sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts
Monday: BBQ glazed Salmon, left over maple roasted sweet potatoes, and asparagus
Tuesday: Flounder with tomato basil, quinoa, and left over brussel sprouts
Wednesday: Grilled chicken, baked sweet potato fries, and left over asparagus

*The above are just dinner meals – I don’t usually “plan” my other meals, I just have tentative ideas, but go by what I feel like ;)
I’m off to study for the rest of the day. Any questions about my lists or meal planning don’t hesitate to contact me ;)
Have a relaxing sunday!
~ L
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