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Grocery expenses, criticism about my healthy life and first day at yoga class!

Posted Jun 07 2010 7:44am
Today I read at CCH 's fantastic blog, that a lot of people ask her how she budgets her groceries and it made me realize that I receive this question a lot lately. And I have to tell you that I was very surprised by the fact that my friends and relatives think I spend more money than the average European who is following SAD or something similar.

Since I started to eat mainly fruits and veggies, I save a lot of money. Meat, dairy, fast food and desserts were much more expensive. Also this way of living kind of makes you have a moderate and simple life in general. I don't smoke, I don't drink more than one glass of wine and I don't go to bars and clubs.

When I answer this, the next phrase coming from my friends is 'so you are miserable and unhappy'... Well actually I have never been happier. I feel a tremendous connection between my mind and my body. My brain fog has disappeared and I have a lot of energy to do things that I love, like yoga, long distance walking and reading books.

After a lot of discussions and disagreements, I decided that there is no point in explaining myself. I ll do whatever makes me happy and people can accept it or not.
Tomorrow I ll talk about the diet that suits me the best and made me have very low percentage of fat, while keeping an ideal weight.

Also, first day at the class for yoga diploma today! It was amazing. The teacher was fantastic, she had an unbelievable body at the age of 65(!) and she was really patient with my inability to perform the most difficult asanas.

I m so looking forward to go there again!

(this is one of my favourite yoga pictures)

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