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Grilled Salmon Packets with Green Garlic

Posted Apr 20 2012 8:35pm

Have your allergies been in overdrive this Spring? I have always had allergies (though they got much worse as an adult) but this Spring has been absolutely terrible. I love keeping the windows open until it’s too hot to do so but recently I’ve slept so much better with them closed. I miss my breeze!


I can still stand to be outside for grilling season, thank goodness. I love any food so long as it’s been seared to perfection over an open flame.

And let’s be honest. I’m not actually the one doing the grilling. That is definitely Matt’s territory, and for good reason. He does a great job at knowing just when meat and fish are done when on the grill, so we’ll just stick with our grilling routine as is :)


I think what I love most about the grill is how versatile it allows your dinner to be. Meat , veggies , even fruit – all delicious with those grill marks.


One thing we hadn’t attempted yet was fish. We don’t eat fish often but with the warmer weather, I was in the mood for lighter dinners. Salmon fits that bill, so I broke out the aluminum foil and got to work with this Giada-inspired recipe.


Grilled Salmon Packets with Green Garlic

by Every Little Thing

Keywords: grill entree gluten-free spring summer

Ingredients (serves 2)


Brush or spray both sides of salmon fillets with olive oil, then season with salt and pepper. Unroll two large pieces of heavy duty foil and put two cups of greens in the center of each. Add the green garlic, then place the salmon on top of the pile of greens. Top each piece of salmon with 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of wine, and 1 teaspoon of capers (with a little of the juice). Add 2-3 lemon slices to the top of each salmon fillet, then tightly wrap the foil around the salmon so that there are no openings anywhere in the foil.

Grill over medium-high heat for about 12 minutes, then serve right in the foil!


Neither Matt nor I like dishes that are overly-lemony. I like lemon but too much and I feel like I’m eating cleaning spray or something.

This dish was perfect though. The wine and capers balanced out the lemon juice, and the green garlic (a mild form of garlic that looks and almost tastes like a green onion) blended in nicely with the salmon and greens.


We served our salmon with bacon-wrapped asparagus. Nothing fancy, just asparagus sprayed with olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and bundled together with one piece of bacon. We fixed each bundle with a toothpick then grilled for about 10 minutes.


An excellent dinner, full of healthy fats and greens vegetables…

…that was later ruined by a strawberry cheesecake concrete.


So worth it though. It’s nice to enjoy a light dinner and still have room for dessert! :)

Question: Do you ever grill or bake in packets? What’s your favorite combo of ingredients?

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