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Greenwich Mean Time. Emphasis on the Mean.

Posted Apr 07 2010 3:52am

Hi from 5:41 am. I had to work Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) today, which is the time they use in London. They call it that because it is MEAN when someone in New York has to work on their 5 hour later schedule. That means I have been awake since 2:45 am, working since 3:00 am. I am tired.

Time Warner decided three days ago that I don’t need internet connection to be a whole person. True, but I do need internet connection to be an employed person. And that is why I am working from my very gracious friend’s apartment right now. The idea of walking through an empty mall to an empty escalator and into an empty office building scared me, although some told me my fear is irrational others confirmed that I am, in fact, rational.

I really want to write my 13.1 Marathon recap , but I am just too tired now to put any energy into it. I didn’t exactly go to sleep very early and I believe I earned myself a McGriddle . Or, you know, a healthier version. Like, a green juice.

Work is pretty stressful even when it’s not stressful at 5:48 am when all you want to do is sleep. The good news is that tomorrow I get to see my little brother! We are both flying to the Floridas from NY and the Seattles, respectively, to see our cute grandma. Our grandma is SO CUTE. Here’s a little transcript of our phone call the other day:

Grandma: What food should I buy for your lunches while you’re here? Turkey breast?

Me: No turkey, I’m a vegetarian actually.

Grandma: Oh, ok. Do you eat chicken? Let’s go to a chicken restaurant!

Too funny. I don’t even know what a chicken restaurant is. My grandma used to sign her AIM instant messages to me with “Love, Me” at the bottom of each IM. Yes, she had AIM and I don’t know how she figured out how to use it.

Even better is this email I received from her in August 2008:

Hi Dori

I  am trying to send a message.  HOPE YOU GET THIS  I CANNOT GET OUT OF THE CAPS.




Needless to say, I am looking forward to this Florida trip. I’m also looking forward to running in the morning in nice weather! Hopefully I can get my brother to go on a run with me. That is, if the f-ing weather cooperates.

I will be bringing my computer and I really hope to get my race recap posted within the next couple of days! But I will tell you all that I finished my second half marathon and I am so proud of myself for doing it.

And now that it is 6:38 am ET, more of you are awakening on the Twitters . Socialization!

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