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Green Tea Mints and Weekend Recap

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:12pm
On Saturday, I received a nice assortment of green tea mints from
Sencha Naturals.

The flavors included:

  • Original
  • Delicate Pear
  • Lively Lemongrass
  • Morning Lychee
About the mints:Our masterful blends combine the art and science of blending teas, botanicals, and mint oils to produce truly original flavors unfound in any other mint. Each loose leaf mint not only freshens the palate, but enlivens your senses.

  • 3 mints=1 cup of tea
  • Naturally freshens breath
  • Sugar/Caffeine Free/Vegan

I have been trying to increase my green tea intake lately so mints sounded like a great idea to help with that. I was most excited to try the Morning Lychee mints since I am obsessed with lychees.

I looked at the back label and was very disappointed to see that the mints contain enemy.

I already have issues with sorbitol from all the gum I chew so I wished they would have used a natural sweetener. The flavor on the other hand was very good. They had a minty and slightly fruity taste. They were very refreshing.

Next I tried the Lively Lemongrass mints.

This flavor had a slight grassy taste to it but was still enjoyable. It reminded me of a green monster.

I tried the Delicate Pear next.

This was my favorite one. It had a delicious pear taste to it. It was not too sweet and was very flavorful.

The final flavor I tried was the Original.

This was probably my least favorite. It had a pretty bitter green tea flavor. I guess it would take some getting used to.

I love the idea of the mints but would not buy them due to the sorbitol. If I am going to consume sorbitol at all, it would be from gum that lasts much longer than the little mints.

Sencha Naturals also makes Green Tea bars that sound very good. 1 of the bars equals 3 cups of tea. The bars are all vegan, gluten, and dairy free. They also contain no artificial sweeteners to I would definitely be interested in trying them in the near future.

Saturday night the boy and I stayed in because I was so tired from going out the night before.

I made us some wonderful ham, turkey, and cheese wraps for dinner!

The wrap included:

  • Mustard
  • Alpine Lace White American Cheese
  • Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese
  • Boar's Head Low Salt Turkey
  • Boar's Head Low Salt Ham
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers

I had BBQ popchips and Sonny & Joe's Babaganoush on the side for dipping.

I had a Grape Synergy Kombucha to drink!

We watched the first Transformers because he really wants me to go with him to see the 2nd one! I actually liked it more than I thought I would.

We snacked on Sugar-Free Vanilla pudding during the movie.

We also split a Cinnamon Bun Holey Donut a little later.

So so good! It's funny that I had 4 boxes of Holey Donuts in my freezer for a month without touching them, but now that I had one the other night, I have been craving them every single day! They are the besttt!

Sunday morning I woke up and it was sunny! I decided to make use of my patio for the first time and lay out. It was so nice to get some sun!

I was a little hungry so I made myself a Green Monster. I use Amazing Grass Pomegranate Mango Infusion Amazing Meal.

I added a banana, ice, and skim milk. I did not have anything else in the house to add in at the time.

It turned out delicious and very refreshing for a hot day.

I stayed outside for about an hour until the sun went down. I came in and made a similar breakfast as the day before.

I spread Laughing Cow on a French Meadow Hemp bagel.

I also made a ham and cheese egg white omelet to put on top of the bagel.

It came out delicious!

I met my sister after and went home to Philly to see grandmom. She was doing okay but was in so much pain. She has tons of bruises and is healing from a broken rib and broken back bone. She just can't wait to get out of the hospital though. My mom said she improved so much from a week ago at least.

My mom grilled us some food on the BBQ for dinner. She made chicken, Boca Burgers, and Lightlife Smart Dogs. We also had salad,FoodShouldTasteGood chips, and baked beans. It was all delicious!

For dessert had fruit salad, soy ice cream sandwiches and some type of vegan chocolate dip for dessert. I wish I had pictures!

I got back to New York around 11 and had a Holey Donut again. So addicting!

I did not go to the gym this morning because I will be trying my first Core Fusion class tonight with Dori. I only tried the DVDs once so I am excited to try a real class! I will let you know how it is tomorrow!

I will leave you with a giveaway!

Jackson's World'sGracies Gear Giveaway!

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