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Green Smoothie Success & Another Veggie Dinner

Posted Aug 25 2010 2:50pm

Continuing my attempts to get back on track after a few weeks of travel and eating out, I made another super simple and healthy vegetarian dinner last night for myself and Matt. Yum!


Easiest thing ever, and so tasty! Easily customizable, too. I just sautéed together some asparagus (you could use any veggies – zucchini, squash, string beans, etc.!) and kidney beans (use any beans you like) with garlic and a drizzle of olive oil.


After a few minutes, I added in some pasta sauce. I heart tomato sauce!!

010 008

Then I served it all on top of brown rice. Told you it was the easiest thing ever!


Top with cracked pepper, hot sauce, etc. :) And enjoy!

In other news, today I went for my first run since moving to NC! I started out in some super hilly neighborhoods (boo), and then was delighted to find this:


Yay! A trail!

But then… this happened, a mere mile later:


Fail. Guess I’ll have to continue the search for an awesome trail here in Chapel Hill. Any suggestions? I have to say… I really miss my favorite trail ever in DC :(

Anyway, in more awesome news, Matt has been officially introduced to green smoothies! I made him my super basic Banana & Spinach Smoothie (recipe here ), with the addition of some blueberries. Yum!


And… gasp… he liked it!! He had one for breakfast yesterday AND today! Mwa ha ha ha…

Does your significant other eat healthy? Are they open to trying new foods? I’m lucky that Matt will pretty much eat anything (although sometimes he’s skeptical at first)… except seafood (minus tuna, which he likes). Still working on that one ;)


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