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Green oats vs. Green Monster

Posted Jun 13 2009 11:19pm
Hello people!!! Weekend is here, meaning time to post! I missed u guys ( I read your posts everyday, sorry if I don't comment much, schedule is still tight!).
One of my June's challenge is to have one green oat everyday, because I love it and because green veggies are just great! I enjoy a lot green oatbran, but I also wanted to try green monster since it's so popular in the blog world and because it's getting warm, an alternative to the hot green bowl is needed! I had my first green monster (the real one, I've tried green smoothie a la Coco and didn't enjoy much) following Polly's video instruction. And I must say I LOVE THIS!!! So easy to make and tastes soooooo good! This was today's breakfast combo
Green Monster + English Muffin with LC and Almond butter (I finished my last batch, need to make some more) Since I really like it, I'm considering to consume it regularly (probably alternating to green oats) I wanted to make sure that it's beneficial to my body as well. And by my surprise, I found more negative info about consuming raw spinach than positive one. For example:
"Spinach contains oxalic acid. While this cleans our intestinal tract, oxalic acid binds with calcium and diminishes the absorption of calcium in our bodies. Cooking turns the oxalic acid into crystals that could damage kidneys and limit the absorption of iron... "
So.... you people!!! Any thought about this??? Have you done any research before jumping to the green monster wagon? I really need to hear your opinion on this!

Okay. quick recap of the rest of the week. Nothing exciting except I lost all (2) my credit cards, one lost and the other one had been used by others (so, my account is closed for now). Thus, I have to deal with cash until next Tuesday. Not fun!
Wednesday: workout resting day!
breakfast was this not so mini chocolate bread. Lunch: paella + sauteed bokchoy. Snack: strawberries, blueberries, oikos. Dinner: porridge + seaweed soup + sauteed veggies with chicken. Dessert Thursday: 45 min cardio at gym
green oat + almond butter so pretty and yummy Lunch: brown rice + korean rice seasoning + veggie frittata Snack: strawberries + chocolate cake + roasted almonds
Dinner: porridge + baked fish + bokchoy Dessert: Friday: 75 min Dave Farmer's podcast (it was soooo good, really great workout!)
breakfast cold combo: oikos + chocolate pudding + blueberries + chocolate cake = YUM YUM Lunch: same as Thursday Snack: chocolate cake + apple
Dinner: shiritake + eggplant + spinach + black fungus + spicy sauce Dessert Weekend plans
- BBQ with friends
- hiking with a friend
- cooking/baking

Question: Do you always do your own research before trying new food seen in other blogs?
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