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Green Monsters, Dangly Earrings, and Haircuts

Posted Oct 11 2010 8:46pm
There's a lot going on around here (mostly in my head), so this post is going to be a lot. Stream-of-consciousness meets monster list, maybe.Recently, I've said things like, "I love big, dangly earrings, but I think you already knew that."  I can't think of a time I was met with "oh, yeah, I knew that," but I did receive some puzzled looks. Which were completely warranted, because- as I later realized-I only only one pair of big, dangly earrings, and I don't wear them all that often.  Why? I'm not sure, because they really do lead to smiles and feel like me to me.

So yesterday, I picked up the only pair that appealed to me while I was in Target (it was on clearance!)  to mark the official start of dangly-earring-collecting.

Those dangly earrings will go perfectly with the short (and sassy) haircut I'll be sporting, beginning Tuesday night. I cannot tell you the last time I got my hair cut. A year ago, maybe? I just never wanted to take the time to do it. Or I was using a haircut as a reward for a time when I am able to get myself together, stop leaning on food for comfort. I really am not a fan of what my hair looks like now, but in essence, I was punishing myself for coming up short. So now there are many pictures of me and that hair. I've been making some special efforts to love myself as is (as encouraged my several beautiful women in my life.) And that includes a hair cut. In 2 1/2 days. At the kind of place where wine is offered upon arrival.

I've tried eliminating most coffee and all artificial sweeteners from my diet in the past...and I've always come back to them.  I'm trying again. I remembered that Green Monsters tend to give me quite a boost in the morning, so my kitchen is now stocked with all the necessary ingredients.Yesterday, I really wanted to hop on the elliptical (instead of the yoga class I had planned). I searched for my work ID so I could use the free gym (it's small, but it is home to one of my favorite elliptical machines). I could not find it anywhere. Instead, I used a free trial pass to Gold's Gym. I was not a fan of the elliptical machines there, so I hopped on a treadmill. I had not run for a while, but at a nice, slow, and steady pace, I knocked out 5 miles. I was wearing old shoes; my knees have been yelling at me starting last night.

My run led to some thinking about what I might want to train for next. A triathlon, maybe? A half marathon? Other than yesterday's stint with the treadmill, I'm not quite sure when the last time I've run was. (I've been so enamored with yoga.) But I think I could do it.Me just before my last half marathon in April 2008

I won't be participating in the yoga teacher program in the fall. Some financial issues have come up, and now the money is just not there. And I'm (honestly) okay with that. I don't think I ever felt like I had to do it now, but nothing was stopping me before, so why not go for it? But then something stopped me, so now I get the fun and adventure of exploring other options. Yoga classes are expensive; I could do something else with the money. I could join a gym with my husband. I could train for something fun. I'm not planning on giving up my yoga practice (I love it), but now I'm thinking about mixing it up a little.Right now, I'm laying in bed with a slowly waning caffeine headache and screaming knees comforted by frozen bags of broccoli. I don't regret my (newest) break-up with coffee, and I don't regret that run.

Although, if I'm going to keep this up, maybe I'll want to invest in some new shoes.

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