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Green Lemonade & Opp Post Baby Eats

Posted Aug 04 2011 5:00am

Good Morning!

Happy Thirsty Thursday :-)

So I finally got my hands on some NuNaturals swag thanks to Kat’s giveaway a couple weeks ago!

I haven’t really gotten into Stevia too much. The kinds I’ve tried, I though had a terrible bitter taste to them. I pretty much learned how to not need really sweet foods since the sugar detox .

I was so impressed with the package they sent…ALL these recipes…many from some of my favorite bloggers!

I briefly looked through them…but Natalia Rose’s Green Lemonade Juice inspired today’s Thirsty Thursday drink!



-Big bunch of Romaine Lettuce

-Handful of Kale

-shot of wheatgrass juice (optional)

-1 small lemon (without peel)

-small piece of ginger root

-1 tsp maca root powder

-few drops of alcohol-free stevia

-8 ounces filtered water


Blend it up in your Vitamix or High Powered Blender and enjoy!


SO..Ella is 3 months old TODAY!

^I know it’s summer….my mom was testing these adorable hats she’s making for her upcoming Etsy shop. How adorable is that hat!!?

^it doubles as a toy or teething device ;-)


I’m going to have Michael take my OPPB pics later today…hopefully I can post them up in tomorrow’s Friday 5!!

So far, I can be confident and KNOW that my diet has been so nutritious and “clean.” I don’t know how else to describe it. I hate saying “I’ve been good” or anything like that. I’m eating lots of colorful foods. There’s no dairy in my diet, pretty much no added sugar. I’m loving the Thrive in 30 campaign..but I have been doing  a lot of it already! It’s great to get the tips and learn a few new things. Having read THRIVE I was already familiar to his approach!

First off, I drink an un-Godly amount of water. You would think I were a camel in the Sahara. I always have, but this is like 10 fold to that…

I snack on berries and raw nuts:

Breakfast is either some form of overnight oats , or my Heritage Squares cereal that has 4 grams of sugar and a shot of Wheat Grass or wheatgrass in my green smoothie

lunches are usually the same…protein is either tempeh or tuna/fish with greens and I put it on a bed of whatever colorful, seasonal veggies I have:

There’s probably at least 1/2 of an avocado in my system every single day:

I tried these as a snack. I plead temporary insanity…and going shopping HUNGRY for paying close to $6. a bag for these…

if this is what dehydrated kale chips are like… I will stick with mine . They don’t even compare!

dinners are usually some version  huge salad or some roasted veggies and salmon, or veggie brown rice sushi.

If I need something else, something dessert-wise other than fruit..I make my vegan freezer chocolate “souffle”which I’ve talked about on here before.

You take a ramekin…you can spray it with an organic canola baking spray if you want. I don’t usually but have thought about it.

I fill the bottom with a few vegan dark chocolate chips. Layer 1 T of chunky all natural PB on top of that, then some raw oats and a sprinkle of cinnamon, then a few more chocolate chips…

microwave for 30 seconds then stir it all up…

freeze it for about 10 minutes or so..

not too want the middle to still be soft and gooey when you dig your spoon into it :-)

Those are some of  my eating habits. As far as the workouts go…I am in the gym about 3-4 days a week. I am doing a lot of HIIT stuff since my time is minimal these days. I would LOVE to workout at home…I use to all the time….but it’s seriously not as easy these days. To many distractions. When I am not feeding her I am pumping or cleaning or changing her or eating. If I haven’t been in the gym a lot I will do my best to make getting at least little intervals here and there in at home. Even if it’s only 10 minutes at a time! I am loving body rock , but I’m still waiting for my gymboss to arrive. I incorporate her moves into my routines…needed to work back up to them! Before being preggo it was a lot easier, er, not “easy” at all…but I was much stronger :-)

I haven’t even taken my measurements yet…I know the scale hasn’t moved. Frustrating…but I’m thinking I look better and know that clothes are fitting me a lot better than they did 5 weeks ago!

Stay tuned :-)

Readers: What do you like seeing most here on the blog??

food, fitness, recipes, Ella, Munchkin, life, escapades, oppb?

I hope some of you come out of lurkdom to answer this question!


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