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Green Day (not the band)

Posted Mar 18 2011 7:58pm

Did you all have a great GREEN day yesterday?


I ended up having a pretty good day!  I meant to blog . . . twice actually, but I ran into a time issue and just decided to take the day off.


My day started by waking up at 9:30am which is a real rarity these days.  It felt good to sleep.  I then had a really quick and small breakfast of a piece of toast with some almond butter. I bought 2 packets at Whole Foods the other day as I was having a craving, but I don’t think its worth the $ unless its for travel.


I then ventured out for my first “workout” in ages.  I quote because I really just wanted to get out and walk somewhere and connect with nature for a bit . . . and that’s exactly what I did IMG_2976



The jersey shore isnt filled with skanks just yet . . . but its coming . . .


I ran some errands and came home to make the quickest bulk meal ever.  Curry chicken and vegetables.  This is one of our go to dishes.  I’ll explain how easy it is in another post.  But here’s what it looked like.


I also took that fizzy grapefruit drink from the other night that was too sweet and diluted it with some seltzer . . . perfect!


I rushed to work for a light day . . . a REALLY light day.  15min after all the patients were gone Chris called and was having some trouble with this . . .



His tire blew out on the parkway!!  Luckily he was by the rest stop AND luckily my Dad was home.  We went out and helped him.  He got a crash course in tire changing that I hope he doesn’t forget!


We came back to my parents for the meal that I’ve been looking forward to all year!


Chris then treated us to Shamrock Shakes . . .

         IMG_2995 IMG_2997

I honestly didn’t taste the mint really but it didn’t stop me from slurping it down.  I wish I hadn’t though . . . my stomach was in knots all morning Sad smile ohh dairy . . . when will I learn?


Today wasn’t all that interesting either.  I had work all day and traded my lunch break blogging for a nap.  Yes, there was major nap lines involved.


Tonight we plan to go out and see a late movie.  I ‘m still tired AND I have work tomorrow morning, but I’m trying not to be all 80 about it.

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