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Green Coffee? I Like Mine Black!

Posted Aug 18 2012 7:05pm
I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes the newest nutrition and health supplements on the market. I think that I am pretty current on what is the new Superfoods are and even pretty confident that I can find a recipe to utilize them. So, you can imagine my dismay when I first heard about Green Coffee Bean Extract.
While watching TV this afternoon, I saw that Starbucks now has Refreshers which include Green Coffee Bean Extract in them. Now hold the phone!! Starbucks has in on this green coffee mumbo-jumbo? Now my interest has peaked even more.

In my effort to unveil the green coffee bean mystery, I am not really able to find much information on the benefits or purpose of Green Coffee Bean Extract, which still makes me rather skeptical of the product. But it can be found in Wal-Mart so it must be worth it, right?
According to Wikipedia,
Green coffee refers to coffee producted from coffee beans that have not been roasted. If ground and brewed, green coffee beans have very little taste, although they are utilized in some forms of traditional Arabic coffee.
So although this explanation doesn't exactly help me understand what green coffee is in a sense of is this going to be the new Cup O' Joe in my Keurig, it does explain how the beans can be considered green. I love my morning cup of coffee. Heck, I love my afternoon, evening, and late night cup of coffee. I consider it my drug of choice. 
Steve is a huge fan of coffee since he was told that it would help eliminate medication for his migraines. When a doctor says, "Coffee or meds" I would opt for the coffee as well.

How important is coffee in your day? Do you need caffeine to be a fully functional mom?

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