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Greek Salad with Dry-fried Tofu

Posted Sep 11 2011 9:12am
Up until recently, I refused to make tofu at home
Sure I loved it in premade Whole Foods salads
but I likened the fried stuff to puffy greasy marshmallows :\
Happily, I’ve since changed my tune.
Dry-frying is the way to go, friends.

You start off by cutting a block of extra firm tofu into equal pieces.
I made triangles
{I would far prefer these shaped like stars or hearts with a cookie cutter.}

Then you fry them on low in a nonstick pan.
This will take awhile, but it’s worth it.
You need to keep the heat low or you’ll scorch the tofu


When they’re done, the dry frying makes them into little sponges
for dressings, syrups, marinades, you name it
it retains so much more flavor than marinating it beforehand

I enjoyed mine in a modified Greek Salad:
fresh tomatoes, olives, peppers, cucumbers, crumbly feta and hearty tofu
all dressed in a homemade vinaigrette made from lemon juice, olive oil and oregano

It’s equally good with maple syrup, berries and a dollop of yogurt
a healthier, protein-rich alternative to pancakes with whipped cream


That’s all for me from now, I caught the flu I catch every year when the seasons change
I’m going to be making Avgolemono later today if I can muster up the energy to go to the store.
Avgolemono is a classic Greek lemon and egg soup that is so much more comforting than chicken noodle. It’s perfect for when you don’t have much appetite, but need something nourishing.
I’m going to take a nap to prepare myself for my broth-buying adventure ;)
See you soon!

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