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Great Minds Think Alike

Posted Jun 13 2012 7:41pm

Hi again everyone!  You are already halfway through the work week!  Doesn’t it feel great?

Wednesday Afternoon

This morning was filled with lots of  end of the year language arts lessons as well as completing some end of the year requirements. :)   My Elvis Oatmeal from this morning did a great job of holding me over until lunch, so I worked through most of my lunch, and ate during the last part. 


Today’s midday meal was so flavorful and fresh!  I made myself a Seis de Mayo Salad , substituting one, chopped vine-ripened tomato for the halved grape tomatoes.


To get even more juice out of the lime, I brought it to room temperature and then rolled in on the countertop while applying gentle pressure.  I then placed it in the microwave on high for 20 – 30 seconds before cutting it and twisting a fork into the half to release all the juices.

The salad was served on top of a bed of baby spinach,

and enjoyed along with a cup of red grapes. :)

We had quite the afternoon with field day, and I had a lot of fun playing games and running around with the kids.  This time of year is the best, because I can really loosen up and let them see another side of me!

Once I came home after school, it was time for a snack of a Chocolate Brownie Clif Kid ZBar  before getting in a workout!


With the cooler, rainy weather outside, I decided today’s workout would be a day of cross training  inside and that I would begin with Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown, Level 2.  I had completed Level 1  and loved the challenge on Monday, so today I decided to push myself even more. (P.S. This means I also already surpassed my goal of two yoga sessions for Courtney’s June Yoga Challenge !  Today makes three! :) )

Level 2 combines hard-core fitness techniques with the sculpting power of yoga to create an intense workout designed to melt away fat.  It provides an even more intense burn to help you gain strength and burn major calories.

The workout began with a warm-up followed by a vigorous flow of yoga poses challenging balance, stamina, strength, and flexibility.  Each pose is completed with dynamic movement to burn tons of calories.  Finally, after the half hour session, you calm your heart rate with a cool down to stretch, relax, and release the muscles worked.

Level 2 is completely focused, once again, on body weight training, and honestly, I am beginning to enjoy body weight training more and more. Your body weight is your most powerful tool, and body weight training makes you functional and conditions you to get lean. Throughout the workout each power pose is completed with intention as you rep each pose out, holding the last rep for 15 seconds.  Power poses from yoga are incorporated with movement, and the repetitions are fast paced, raising your heart rate, and helping you to shred each body part focused on.

You move at a good, solid pace with control and good form, and Jillian continuously speaks about how body weight training is truly the best way to build lean muscle without becoming bulky.  She stresses that you do not necessarily need weights, and even mentions that your body is your best tool . Great minds must think alike? ;)

Each move is meant to be performed with solidity, power, and strength.  Jillian explains exactly what you should be feeling and exactly what you should look like, showing modifications for beginners as well as goals to strive for to become more advanced.  Your core is drawn in the entire time as you deeply complete each power pose with movement and momentum. Holding  and forcing each pose allows you to work into your muscles, and adding the dynamic movement while in each pose gives you a cardio burn as you shed fat.

Level 2 truly is a hybrid style of yoga combineing classic poses with strength training.  For example, the goddess and chair poses are combined with squats, bringing you out of your comfort zone. Isometric, body weight poses are held as  you dig deep, literally feeling your muscles burning, and adding the repetitions helps to bring results fast.  There are no static poses.  To get the most out of the workout, you should not stay limp at all, completing each pose and movement with power as you focus on your abs, always keeping them drawn in and engaged.

Some holds I was literally sweating and shaking, but it made me feel good that Jillian as well as the two women in the workout were sweating and shaking too.  Jillian even expresses the difficulty she has with certain poses. Each pose works various parts of your body too!  For example, while focusing on the core exercises,  (where your abs get no rest!) you also work your quads as you prepare for the boat pose.  Each pose is long and focused on contraction and breathing.

Following my yoga session, I completed some more at-home, bodyweight, strength training that looked something like this:

  • Standard Push-Ups
  • Triceps Dips (straight-legged)
  • Stability Ball Straight Crunches
  • Wall Sit
  • Pilates Plank Pose
  • Pilates Side Plank Pose

Off to shower and make dinner!

Catch you later everyone! :)

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