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Great Job News, Future of FHF, & Ipswich Clam Chowder Fest

Posted Oct 04 2011 9:34am

Great Job News

As many of my tweeps already know, I got some great news yesterday – a fantastic job offer! I had already decided that this position was my first choice so I accepted right away and my training will start in about two weeks.

I will be working as a Technical Support Representative for an awesome company and I am excited for so many aspects of both the position and my employer. To say that I feel extremely blessed to secure this job would be a serious understatement. I want to send all of my love and best wishes to everyone who is still looking for a job during such a tough time. I know how rough the ups and downs of the job search can be. Keep your chin up, be kind to yourself, and keep at it.


The Future of FHF

So now that I’ll be rejoining the traditional workforce again, what’s going to happen to FHF? I’m actually hoping to get back into a more regular schedule of posting because blogging is something that I truly enjoy. I shied away from blogging a bit during my job search because I didn’t want to write “another boring day on the job search…” over and over again!

Thanks to beautiful Newburyport (and surrounding areas) I am enjoying running so much that I have signed up for a bunch of upcoming races . (There is one I have yet to tell you about, how sneaky of me!) Therefore, I’ll be sharing tid-bits from my training (goals, challenges, fueling, what works for me, etc.) as well as non-exhaustive race recaps.

I also love using blogging as a way to motivate myself to explore New England and participate in local events so I plan to continue sharing many of those adventures with you as well.

rockport, ma harbor

And, because I can’t help myself, I’ll probably keep posting a few pictures of this guy…

york maine, york me

If I ever don’t cover something that you’d like to know more about, please let me know either by commenting or shooting me an email at .


Marathon Training

As I mentioned, I am loving my runs lately. With my abbreviated marathon training, I’m really doing my best to simply listen to my body, push myself on long or interval runs when I’m feeling fresh, and take a day off when I need to. This usually usually works out to 5 days of running and 2 days of rest/leisurely walks.

Nick and I had plans for a fun day down in Ipswich on Saturday so I made sure to wake up early to get my long run in. I ran a total of 14 miles and Mo joined me for the last 4.5. It was a pretty rainy day so Mo had fun pulling me through each and every puddle!

I chowed down on Clif Shot Energy Gels at mile 4 and 9.5 and am seriously in love with the Chocolate Cherry flavored gel. It is thick and rich and gave me such an awesome burst of energy to push me through the middle section of my run. I carried my Nathan water bottle with my for the first 9.5 miles and then chugged a glass of water before heading out with Mo.

An cold bath, a post-run breakfast of heavenly pancakes , and a restful Sunday prepared me for an 6 mile interval run yesterday.

Mile 1: warm up

Miles 2 through 5:

4 x 1/2 mile @ 8-9 RPE followed by 1/2 mile @ 6-7 RPE

Mile 6: (Marathon) Race Pace

Jog/walk Cool Down

I haven’t done long intervals in a while so I definitely had to challenge myself to keep my pace up until the end of each up-tempo 1/2 mile. I’m hoping to get out for a few miles this morning as soon as the torrential rain lets up a bit!


Ipswich Clam Chowder Fest

The dreary Sunday weather was actually perfect for at least one of the activities we had planned – chowing down at the Ipswich Chowder Fest!

ipswich clam chowder fest 2011 riverwalk

For a $10 fee, each participant received two cards with the names of the eight restaurants, stores, and organizations that contributed batches of their special chowder recipes.

ipswich chowder fest

The blue card was our ticket to sample each offering and the orange was our voting ballot. As you can see I am quite the model chowder student with all of my note taking. Winking smile

Although I am not usually much of a chowda head, I enjoyed all but one of the recipes. Two of my favorites were actually atypical chowders made by Spice Thai Kitchen and Ithaki Greek Restaurant. Therefore, I started to keep a mental note of my overall favorites and my traditional favorites.

The aspects that I looked for in each chowder were:

  • Consistency: I like chowders that aren’t too thick or too thin.
  • Flavor: Gotta taste those clams!
  • The clams themselves: Were there enough and were they cooked properly?
  • Potatoes: Starchy, peeled potatoes always win me over.

In the end, Spice Thai Kitchen’s Spicy Lemongrass chowder stole my foodie heart!

ipswich ma clam chowder fest

I would love to hear from you…

Do you like traditional recipes to stay traditional or do you enjoy new takes on classics?

Is there any topic that you would like me to write more about?

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