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Great Grass and a Revolution in my Mouth!

Posted Aug 27 2010 5:47am

I have been feasting on so many awesome products lately. I love getting so many different things to test out, especially when a company sends me a bunch of different things to try from their line. However when I do get a lot of things from one company it takes me a little longer to come up with a full review because I HAVE to try everything out first! But I finnally have finished up the products I recieved from Raw Revolution and Amazing Grass and am ready to share my thoughts.


Amazing Grass brings whole food nutrition, raw nutirents, and organic ingredients into all the *green* drink mixes they make. I’ve never really tried a green drink before this year, but I’ve been enjoying the ones I have reviewed  lately. With so much hype about Amazing Grass out in the blog world, I had high hoped for these nutrient dense drink mixes. Now I know what you’re thinking, how could something with ingredients like wheat grass, alfalfa, barley grass, spinach, brocolli, carrots, and the like, be even remotely paletable? But honestly not only is Amazing Grass so healthy for you (I felt better just drinking it), but it actually is enjoyable.

I tried all the mixes they sent me as well as the 4 whole food bars. I tried alittle bit of each mix in water before mixing it into a smoothie, just so I could see how they tasted on their own.

When mixed with water or even milk you can definitely taste the “green” flavor of the mix with a hint of the flavor that that particular mix is. They all tasted fine though definitely not as strong as some other green drinks I have tried. But let me tell you when you mix those babies into a smoothie or protein shake, all that come through is the awesome sweet flavor! The “greeness” isn’t detectable at all! So bassically you’re getting all the awesome nutrition without the strong taste.

The Individual Flavors:

New No Sugar Added Vanilla Chai: The sweet vanilla flavor really came through with this one and it tasted awesome paired with almond milk and a frozen banana. Almost like a milkshake with a slight cinnamon and chai tea taste. One of my favorites.

Chocolate: Like powdered dark chocolate! This mix added such a richness to my smoothie and I even tried this flavor in ONO after seeing it done so many times by Angela. It was so delicious, with a really chocolately taste. This flavor made it hard to believe that greens were involved.

Lemon Lime: Such a nice shot of citrus flava! I combined this with a strawberry and banana smoothie and what resulted was a sweet and slightly sour piece of heaven. This tasted like frozen fruity lemonade. I like!!!

Original: The original flavor blended right in, just as my spinach does, with the banana and other fruit in the smoothie I put it in. It gave it a nice thick consistency and was only slightly detectable. Very good tasting though.

Berry: Love the fruity flavor with this one! I think green drinks have a slight fruity flavor, as it is, on their own and in this packet that flavor was only intensified!  This made for a really fruity drink without the addition of to much other fruit. Like a berry banana smoothie!

Pomegranate Mango: This mix was impressive just from the antioxidant punch it packed! SO many good nutrients in this one and the flavor was just as the name implies. I could really taste both the pom and mango. Totally fruity and perfectly sweet.

I was also able to try 4 of their whole food energy bars. The bars are very similar to the powders in that they contain all the great, super-food ingredients. I liked all 3 flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Berry, and Original.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter had a thin layer of chocolate on the outside that complimented the smooth peanut buttery inside.

The berry was a great mix of sweet berry flavors and I could really taste the cranberries throughout it. Loved the soft yet sort of grainy texture.

The Chocolate was totally chocolatey and full of rich flavor. Tasted like a treat but acts like a shot of wheat grass!

The original was tasted similar to a larabar with a great mixture of fruit (especially sweet dates!) and nuts. Love this combo and the nutty-sweet flavor of this bar was really tasty.

I really liked all the Amazing Grass powders, because they had to things that I always look for in food products: good taste and good nutrients. I not only want my food to be whole and healthy, but I want it to taste good! When you can take things like wheat grass and vegetables and make them taste like sweet fruit or rich chocolate, you’re a winner in my book! Thanks so much Amazing Grass for the generous samples and amazing products!

Part Two: Raw Revolution will be up later today!!!

Goodnight lovelies!


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