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Great Birthday Weekend!

Posted Jan 22 2011 9:07pm
I had a fabulous but cold weekend. The weather here is -28C which is -18F....yup it is FREEZING. I really just wanted to hibernate inside but it was also my birthday weekend so that wasn't happening.
Saturday my daughter went to my parents house after dance for the evening and hubby took me out for a birthday dinner. Warning now....this post will have nothing to do with working out or healthy eating, probably the only post in the year I will do this. Well I got ready to head out for a yummy dinner with hubby, here is a little fashion for you all:
Boots -Nine West, Jeans -Garage, Top -Old Navy, Jacket -DollHouse
I felt like being silly in my old age:
Okay back to something serious......dinner! So we headed out to an early dinner because Saturdays around here is over an hour wait at a good restaurant if not 2 hours. I am not a fan of crowds and I have no desire to wait an hour to eat, my time is too valuable for that....heck I can cook a meal in 30 minutes, why would I wait an hour to get into a restaurant?

We started with cocktails, hubby had his favourite, a mudslide
And I had a Blue Martini

I was hoping my Blue Martini was more like a Blue Hawaiian, I love Blue Hawaiians, I feel in love with them on our Hawaii trip years ago, but this wasn't the same, but still good, heck its alcohol, ofcourse its good!
For appetizers hubby had Mushroom Neptune
I had a bite, yummy crab, I love anything with crab. Did I say we are not talking about calories in this post!
My appetizer was Caesar Salad.....yup no talking about calories

My caesar was very creamy, rich and yummy. For my main I had Creole Chicken with Shrimp and Scallops. OMG it was delicious. One thing I have never tried it sweet potatoe fries. Yes I make my own but I have ever tried restaurant sweet potatoe fries. Also I never order fried foods, I HATE fried foods but I really wanted to try these so I gave in. They were yummy, I can definately see why they are so popular and if I had to have fries I would definately go for the sweet potatoe instead of the regular spud. But I would much rather have my baked sweet potatoe chips. I made sure not to eat all the fries!

Hubby had his favourite, Filet Mignon and he said it was grilled perfectly and delicious
We did have dessert but I forgot to take pictures, sorry. I think this post has enough yummy food pictures, dessert would just make it over the top.....LOL
When we got back home hubby had fresh strawberries and pink champagne (my favourite) ready! Yup he's great, I will keep him!
So even though my weekend did not revolve around working out or healthy eating, I am glad I decided to enjoy my birthday and not get all hung up on that for the weekend. You got to have some fun in life! But today was back to reality!
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