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gratitude + freedom

Posted Nov 22 2012 12:01am

ive hit that point where I have way too much to say and complete writers block when I finally sit down to the ole’ laptop. currently, its thanksgiving eve. there is a lot of tension in the air and the stores are crowded here for those that celebrate.

i think that thanksgiving in hawaii is not much of a huge deal if you are from the mainland without family present. There are a lot of people here in the same situation including, students, military and random transplants like myself.

a bit part of me feels sad for not being home on my favorite holiday . . .

i am picturing last year. all of us gathered around laughing hysterically about grandma antics, or cute little cousin dances and even the part where marie and I belted out lady gaga songs as vito shamelessly recorded and tagged us on facebook.

. . . . 6 whole years Winking smile

since taking this leap out here, ive literally burned the path of what tradition means to me, you kind of have to. it helps that the weather stays the same pretty much year round and it also helps that life goes on here in the places I frequent, holiday or not.

i guess without the food and the family, i am able to realize the importance of what thanksgiving means at its core and that is gratitude.

for me, gratitude in the past few months has been a daily practice. when you hit the point where you begin to realize that you are enough and what you have is enough no matter what or where you are, you also begin to be thankful for all that is around you, even the smallest of things.

with all that I am grateful for, one of the most important themes coming up is freedom. and no, I don’t mean that political bullshit type freedom. I mean REAL freedom.

to me, freedom means being able to create your own reality based on what brings your unique self-joy and not giving a shit about what ANYONE says about it.

It also means . . .

wanting 3 months off out of the year to travel because retirement is bullshit

downloading karaoke songs on my iphone and belting out in the car no matter who is watching

admitting that you are most definitely turning into a vegetarian hippie

feeling ok about being a part of something that is higher than yourself and still not believing in religion

taking a left turn

knowing that there is a reason/lesson for EVERYTHING, even the bad stuff

being able to love every day

starting a business in one of the most expensive and seemingly impossible, remote places in the world

believing there is a special someone out there that will enhance my life positively and bring me even more love and joy in this journey

the ability to save LIVES with the food I prepare

believing in yourself when your ideas seem far-fetched to everyone else

NOT believing in failure and instead believing that everything is an experiment in which you can continually evaluate whether it works and be bold enough to change it if it doesn’t.

Being yourself fearlessly and not apologizing for any of it.


Im obviously going through a huge transition point in my life

im also obviously mixing the concepts of thanksgiving and fourth of july . . .

. . . silly girl

happy thanksgiving

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