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Granola Monster

Posted Dec 10 2010 9:00am

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a website called MixMyGranola .

An opportunity to create my own granola combination with ANY ingredients that I want?

That is a foodie lover’s dream!

When it comes to shopping for food, I am the most picky person on the entire planet. If there is one ingredient in something that I don’t want or choose not to consume, I simply don’t buy it. With the diversification of products out there, I will simply move on to something else that meets my standards.

After spending a good hour trying to decide what to put in my granola, I settled on this combo:

My order arrived promptly (the granola was delivered just three days after placing the order). When that little tube arrived at my doorstep, I instantly got excited.

Excited over granola?

I think that can only happen to someone like me…

Approximately three seconds later, I had the tube popped open and I was sitting down for a snack.

Matt’s Bangin’ Mix with Stonyfield Oikos

This was delicious! It was crunchy and not overly sweet, but it had enough sweetness to keep me satisfied. For me, crunchy granola is a MUST.

Despite being able to put whatever I wanted in my granola, another perk is that the packaging is really cool. I’m not going to lie, the tube was the coolest part ;)

Have you ever tried MixMyGranola ? What were your thoughts?

*I purchased this product with my own money and was under no obligation to write this review*

Last week, I was sent some granola from Nudonola, a company in Suwanne, GA.


NudoNola is an organic granola manufacturing company located in Atlanta,GA. Formed in 2010, NudoNola is poised to bring nothing but tasty crunchy granola made with all organic ingredients to the market.

In today’s world of greed, granola companies add coloring, chemicals, food enhancers and preservative to further increase volumes and profits. NudoNola is all about bringing the best granola to the market while keeping the health of our customers in mind.

NudoNola was formed by Khalifa Jubril and Erin Garrison. After combing through all the available granola in the stores without finding an all organic kind, NUdoNola was formed. The formation of NudoNola stems from my African roots and my love for organic eating habits. Order our all organic granola and i guarantee you will come back to order more.


The packaging was not as cool as MixMyGranola, but looks can be deceiving.


If you like “soft baked” granola, this is definitely the granola for you. Even though I prefer my granola to be crunchy, the taste made up for the texture. Don’t get me wrong, I never said I didn’t it, I just said that I prefer crunchy granola. I did in fact really enjoy it, mainly for the abundance of pecan and walnuts. It had a hint of honey and vanilla that really completed the flavor complex.

Another plus for me is that this granola is considered “local”. I love supporting small, local businesses whenever possible. Those mom and pop companies can make some killer products ;)

*This product was sent for me free of charge. I was under no obligation to review it or provide a positive review*

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