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Got Lower Back Pain? Try These Stretches for Lower Back Pain Relief…

Posted May 09 2012 10:21pm

If you’ve been standing or walking on a hard surface like concrete, or sitting for a long period of time without moving, you likely have some achiness in your lower back.  Not to worry, this lower back stiffness can easily be remedied with a few simple movements that decompress your lumbar spine, restoring flexibility.

Lower back pain happens when the lumbar spine becomes stiff and immobile.  In normal movement, there is a natural rotation and counter-rotation of the spine as you walk.  This is why your opposite arm swings forward in time with the stride of your legs – your body is twisting.

What, no arm movement?  You likely have a very stiff lower back.  Try the three easy stretches in the video below to start easing that lower back pain and stiffness and get you moving again!

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