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Got Gas?

Posted Jul 02 2013 9:21am

Got Gas? Here are some tips for fuel -- in all its forms -- economy

Source: via Step By Step on Pinterest

Automobile – Gasoline

Keep tires inflated

Group errands into a route for one outing
Have vehicle serviced to be sure all the bits and bobs are working efficiently
App for fuel finder
Walk, bike or car pool if possible. The first two will accomplish two things at once: exercise and getting you wherever you need to go, now that’s efficiency. The latter, if you’re in good company also serves as some social time, which for many of us, especially parents that is hard to come by.

Source: via Teri on Pinterest

Your Body – You are what you eat
Eat green to be eat clean: eating your fiberous vegetables help keep the business in the colon moving.
Water: kidneys
Exercise – yoga twists: rinse and soak- releases toxins
Sleep: can’t run on an empty tank during this crucial time the body undergoes healing, repairing and revitalizing
Chew – Feelin’ gassy? Fart a lot? I didn’t get the name fart witch for nothing. Just kidding. Or am I? Chew your food to initiate the digestion process which will help cut down on gas.

Source: Uploaded by user via DeAnna on Pinterest 
 The Home

Many libraries have a kill-o-watt (a meter that measures energy lost in the home) see if yours does!
Home energy audit – not only is this incredibly helpful to address issues like drafts, etc. LOOK UP, but it is actually interesting. The auditor uses a tool to see where the hot and cold spots are and the infrared is so cool!
Thermostats - turn these down a few degrees when you’re not at home
Warm socks - keep those tootsies warm!
During the summer months keep the windows closed during the day and opened at night.

Source: via Worldtraveller on Pinterest

Relationship – The Passion you Share
Do something new together that you’ve never done before ziplining, a few others: get the endorphins going
Leave notes that express something you appreciate about the other: in lunchbox, on dashboard, in jacket pocket, checkbook.
Do simple things that are unexpected: such as pick up a food item he loves, but doesn’t have often,  grab a favorite movie, leave a new bag of socks in the top of the drawer OTHERS
Fresh sheets- clean sheets do a wonder when you, ya know, get between the sheets.
Read a book together. I read to you, you read to me. It can be spark conversation and ideas you never knew you had.

Do you have any ways you try to conserve? Please share! Deirdre 
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