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Got a Kidney Problem? Take These Kidney Tests

Posted Nov 22 2010 6:08pm

< p>If you’ve been having problems lately  with mysterious pain and soreness in your back, think about talking to your doctor about having some kidney tests done

There are a number of diseases and disorders that can cause a kidney problem . Some come on “out of the blue,” as the saying goes, and they quickly escalate into extreme, even debilitating pain.  This type of discomfort  frequently results from kidney stones or an acute kidney infection .

Other kinds of kidney back pain progress gradually due to the fact that the root cause is chronic. An example of this type of affliction would be kidney failure. 

Often, your doctor can determine if your kidneys are malfunctioning by taking a urine sample. Toxins, chemicals, blood and possibly even tissue fragments will appear. This is usually a clue that more tests are required.

Taking blood is another way to determine if there is a kidney problem. Your kidneys filter out toxins in the blood, and if a kidney isn’t working properly, certain chemicals will be plain to see in the blood test .

These are the most common blood tests doctors use to help evaluate the kidneys:

1. The blood urea nitrogen test A nitrogen test, which can tell the physician if the urine that the kidney sends to the urethra (the tube connecting a kidney to your bladder) is healthy or not.             

2. The creatinine test This resembles the blood urea nitrogen test but measures your creatinine levels. Creatinine is a waste product that is generated by your muscles and is transported to your kidneys through the bloodstream. The kidneys screen it out and dispose of it in your urine. If creatinine levels are non-standard, it probably means your kidneys aren’t working properly.

Several tests are available, but those mentioned above are most common. 

At times, more than one of the above tests will be used at the same time. In fact, doing both tests is common. Results are dependable.

Kidney back pain should not be ignored. Anyone who has kidney back pain should visit their doctor and ask about kidney tests. Blood and urine samples can help determine if there is a problem with kidney function. 

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