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Got a big idea? Be bold and make it happen!

Posted Mar 12 2009 4:28pm

At the Santa Barbara Women's Festival last weekend they closed the conference with "The time is now to be  bold and courageous!" I couldn't agree more and have been inspired by all the women I've met in the last few weeks that are walking the talk. It might feel counter-intuitive to take risks in this economy but from what I'm reading and seeing - people are going for it! They are dusting off that old idea they had 10-years ago and bringing it to life. Seriously, what's there to lose?! Given the current financial state of affairs and the loss we've all experienced already, not much!

I've been bold and courageous myself with an idea that came to mind just a few weeks ago. After launching My Inspiration Lounge, I've learned that if an idea is meant to be, the pieces will fall into place with some fire-y passion behind it. It proved true again with my latest idea out of nowhere to launch InspirationLounge.TV, a video community where you can drop-in on inspiring conversations taking place in the world. It is scary and exciting to see how quickly an idea can come to life when you talk to the "right" people and just put it out there. Before I knew it, I was in front of a camera interviewing women about life topics that keep us fire-y and inspire-y. I've done some videos in my past life but I was pushing my comfort zone to actually "interview" women in front of the camera. I was so proud of myself for making it happen and I loved every minute. Yes, I could have been better but I was out there doing it! And that's good enough for me and hopefully you! lol! :)

InspirationLounge.TV launches in a couple of weeks or less and I am so excited to share it with you! I will never forget the powerful words my very good friend, Lorrie, said during our brainstorming session the night before my big "interview" debut..."Inspiration Changes The World!" Indeed it does!

I hope this inspires you to be bold and make that big idea happen!

Be inspired. Get informed. Embrace life.

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