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Google Search Giggles

Posted Oct 19 2009 10:06pm
Hey guys!

I know some of you other bloggers also use a website that tells you how people find your blog. I use BlogPatrol, and some of the search phrases are definitely interesting! I had a good laugh going over them.

The top phrase by FAR is the sheer number of people wondering about the pumpkin shortage. Like, 300+ people. I know, I know--it was a definite cause for concern. I've noticed some scarcity, but I've still been able to find pumpkin. You just gotta know where to look ;)

So, I made a little answer sesh for these unaware questioners! I hope it helps brighten your Monday.
So, sit down with a tasty bowl of Autumn Apple Oats, and we'll begin:

Speaking of Autumn, our first questioner wonders:

  • what happened to summer weather
Well, depends where ya live, buddy! If you want to hop on down to Arizona, I promise you'll find plenty of "summer" weather. According to my good ol' Michigan friends, you might want to stay away from the Midwest.

  • had a dream i got hit by a truck

Ouch. Well, at least it wasn't in real life! Hopefully that dream isn't foreshadowing a truck-body collision in the real world, though. Especially on a Monday. Wouldn't that just rot your socks?

  • fitness pancakes
Ok, you've got my attention! What about them? Are these like, super ripped pancakes? Do they have abs? I'm a sucker for some nice abs ;)

  • "burning her" -fireman -police

Whoa, buddy. Yea, this one just creeped me out. This person had better hope s/he's not a suspect for anything and gets his computer searched. Yikes. Especially anything pyro -related!
  • pancake fail
Now this one I can offer sympathy for! But just head on over here to find a great no-fail pancake recipe, thanks to Clay!

  • Activities for Building Trust, Slow-mo

Please let me know if you find anything interesting! That sounds like youtube gold for comedic material. Don't think you'll find anything on my blog, though ;)

  • models with tan lines

Sorry, but only naked anatomy models have tan lines. Supermodels don't have tan lines. And trust me--the anatomy models are NOT hot.

  • fitness muffin

Who wants to bet this was the same person who wanted fitness pancakes? You've got to work on your stealth.

  • bones don't absorb calcium

Ooooh, I'm sorry then. You've got a real problem! Better get to a doc soon before they snap like bending uncooked spaghetti!

  • is strawberry okios yogurt suposed to be not pink

I like this one! You can tell they're used to yogurts with lots of food coloring ;) But the strawberry- ness is at the bottom. It's not Trix cotton candy pink, though. Mmmm that was my fave yogurt when I was 8! Haha.

  • my hip is hurting

Mine too! We should start a club!

  • how we can make bone strong

Ah, yes. There seems to be some issues articulating this question. Well, we exercise, get calcium and vitamin D!

  • naked anatomy models

No, sweetheart, we already covered this. You don't want to see that. I promise you that Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen are not gonna be in any anatomy textbooks ;) Unless it's produced by Victoria's Secret.
  • tofu AND chocolate mousse AND fitness OR shape

Don't worry, it's not like I'm making you choose....

  • brussel sprout mania

Hi! Want to be friends? As long as you roast the brussies. If you're a brussel sprout boiler, we might have to be enemies.

  • I overslept this morning,so I ran all the way to school

Um, congrats. I feel bad for the student sitting next to you, though. And please tell me you didn't follow the thought process of "oh, half a bottle of Axe will cover it!"


I like your enthusiasm!! We can make pumpkin oats, pumpkin desserts, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin cupcakes. It is exciting!!

  • what is wrong with me

Sweetheart, I don't think google search is your best bet for help. And wait... how did you find this blog!? lol, I actually searched this term (+ "harping") to find the post they were linked to. Sure enough, it was me whining about my hip pain. Well from Future Anne to Past Anne, it was an iliopsoas strain. Knowledge is power! When paired with PT, of course ;)

  • jullianmichael endorsed weight loss pill

If your talking about JillianMichaels then, yes. yes, she did. Except now they're apparently supposed to be "natural supplements."

  • models with real tan lines

I don't think models are gonna be looking to get fake tan lines. I think they're looking for the tan, minus the lines.

  • stores in canada to purchase libby's pumpkin in canada

at least the canada part is clear...

  • ninja fitness

Hi, you've come to the right place.

  • fitness for a truck driver

Oooh, buddy. You picked the wrong career. BUT they've got all those rest stops! Why don't ya get out and man-up. Do some jumping jacks. Plyometric squats. Some skaters. Show those other truck drivers how it's done!

  • why do i love to say pancakes
I think that's only a question you can answer, my friend. It is a fun word, I'll grant you that much.

  • " drpreggers" potato pancakes

ahahahahahahaha. I think you mean " praegers" and I'm glad you didn't say that to his face. He might not think it's so funny.
  • what is it like living in az

It sucks. haha, ok, it sucks in the summer. And then it only sucks if you don't want to be here. The winter weather is nice, as long as you can get your snow fix somewhere else ;) I'd choose Michigan any day, but I guess it's great if the desert is your thang. I wish I could hook you up with this one:
  • "love living in arizona"
  • buy goats whipping cream

Ok, this sounds dirty on so many levels. But for the record, I've never seen anything like this... thankfully...

Alright guys, hope at least part of this made you smile. I hope you're having a wonderful start to your monday. I definitely took it easy this weekend and racked up some sleep. Annnnd, I practice the harp several hours this weekend! It was actually fun--who knew? ;) I think our QOTD is obvious:

Q: If you're a blogger, what is one of the weirdest search terms you've gotten? And for non- bloggers, can you think any weird questions you've heard, or that people have asked you?

Ignorance can be amusing ;)
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