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Good thing I took photos…

Posted Jul 26 2012 8:00am
Hey, friends.

Sorry for being MIA last week, things have been crazy busy. Where’d those 9 months go? I remember thinking I had ALL this time to get ready for baby, and now, suddenly, I’m down to six weeks. I’m officially in nesting overdrive!

Pregnancy brain is still in full force, so I decided to snap plenty of photos of the things I’m doing each day so that I have them for the getting-ready-for-baby journal. Good thing, too, because I cannot even begin to remember what I did yesterday. That said, I thought I’d catch up on last weeks festivities by flipping through my iPhone camera roll.

(Fair warning, it’s a bunch of randomness in no particular order, so don’t expect it to read like poetry or anything.)

Ready? Go!

Dad came in to town to stay with us, which made my entire summer, especially since my sister and niece were here visiting, too. I can’t even remember the last time we were able to spend so much time together – it was fantastic! Mom’s saving vacation days for when the baby is here, so she stayed home this trip.

Now, it’s no secret that the hubs is a great cook. But, put him and my dad in the same kitchen, and the food gets really, really good. I don’t even remember what they were making here, but… it was delicious, I know that much.

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So, I have this crazy fascination with planes, which, apparently, I got from Dad, so I thought it’d be fun for all of us to make a day trip to the Carolina Aviation Museum. Hubs and I went there for memorial day to check out a WWII plane show, and I fell in love with the place. It’s this HUGE hanger beside the airport, and it’s filled with tons of amazing aviation history.

It made for a really fun day – even the niece loved it! Afterwards, we drove to Airport Overlook park and watched some planes take off. :)

And, of course, wherever Dad goes, Daphne follows. I miss her sooooo much when we don’t travel in often, so I loved being able to snuggle her in the mornings.

Oh, and WHY has no one ever told me about eating peaches with vanilla bean ice cream?! Dad sliced this one up and then asked if I wanted it in ice cream. Um… can I do that? Then… YES.

I think I’ve had three four more bowls since then. {{sshhh}}

Another thing keeping me busy is some new reading material. I’ve had these books sitting in my Amazon wish list for months, but kept thinking that I had plenty of time to read them. With 7 weeks til d-day, I decided that I had better order them and get to flipping some pages.

I immediately started skimming pages once I opened them. Sadly, I’m kind of disappointed with all except The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding; it’s absolutely amazing, so informative, and I just can’t put it down! The others? All full of info that seems pretty common sense. I’ll get more in to each of the books in an upcoming post.

Ignore all the hairspray on the mirror, please. You couldn’t see it in the pic until I Instagrammed it; I promise I clean that mirror weekly. Anyway, 33 weeeeeeeeks! I never realize how high my bump is until I take a pic from the side. She’s way up there!!

We’re making TONS of progress in the nursery! I’ll share some half-way-there progress pics shortly. Here, Hubs just set up that adorable activity gym and was playing around with the car seat. I love how he’s so “in to” all the baby stuff :)

Benny later discovered the amazingness of baby activity gyms. Why don’t they make these for cats? {don’t worry, all baby stuff will get de-cattified before little girl uses them!}

OH! And in more exciting news, our newborn cloth diapering stash just arrived!!!! LOOK at all the cute fluff! I’m getting ready to sort through them now and start prepping them. We did a variety, so I’ll detail that more in the next day or two to let you know what we chose and why.

Yep, those are even cloth wipes on the end! At first, I didn’t think I’d use cloth wipes, but my mind changed pretty quickly when I started researching disposable wipes. More on that in the next cloth diapering post, too.

I mean, how cute is this? A fluffy purple diaper with owls on it – I squealed when I opened it! And look how tiny. Adorbs. :)

So, there’s what I missed out on blogging, in a nutshell. Per many requests, I’ll get back to vlogging soon, too. :)

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