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Good Questions

Posted Jan 30 2013 7:27pm
 Happy Wednesday Friends!

I have yet to get on the WIAW posts yet but I can share that I have been loving good old fashioned steel-cut oats for breakfast lately.

photo 1 (37)

A fresh juice for  a mid morning snack.

photo 1 (36)

Gosh I really think juicing has been a key to my skin glowing lately!  Seriously, I have been able to cut down on face products and still have great results.  Loving this :)

I typically have leftovers for lunch and some sort of nut or energy bar for a mid afternoon snack.

And for dinner, well my usual pile of stuff.  This was a good one!

photo 5 (7)

Lots of greens with sautéed tofu.

Anyway every so often I get some really great questions from my blog followers.  Recently I have gotten some new followers to my blog because they found me on instagram . Love that and Love IG!  I particularly love this question because it comes from another 40 something year old. 

Here it is:

“I started following you on Instagram recently. I strive to be fit and I am forty something so your blog appeals to me. I love to workout, but have found after I turned 40 it’s increasingly difficult not to put weight on. I have never dieted just watched my portions. I am intrigued by the way you eat and trying to incorporate more veggies, less sugar etc in my diet. I love your recipes. So my questions:

Do you count calories? I do not.  I have to say I have never counted calories, points, carbs nothing.  Yes there was a time that I tried to stay away from carbs as much as possible but I found when I removed them from my diet, I wanted them so bad that I would typically binge out when I finally gave in to them.  Just recently I have formed a healthier relationship with food.  I am focusing on the food I want to eat, should eat and enjoy eating.  I find that I don’t crave the bad stuff too often.  I also give myself something if I want it.  Yes I ate 2 pop tarts last weekend after my long run.  No biggie just move on to some healthier eats later on.  And please do not ask me to give up wine!  But I do not drink it every night.

take supplements?  YES many of them .  I went to an anti-aging doctor about 3 years ago thanks to this book .  She has me on many nutritional supplements (based on my nutritional deficiencies) and I also take natural thyroid medicine, use testosterone and progesterone cream.  I really feel like taking the right supplements can change your life.  It has changed mine!

What is your opinion on Skinnybits?”  Never tried skinny bits but i did try energybits and felt no different.  But I have tried ephedra years ago.  I do not think any of this stuff works unless you adjust your eating.


Thank you for such greats questions!  I love sharing what I have found to work with you all.  This is a journey I love being on and recently because of my diet, my supplements and exercise I am feeling pretty good.

Have a great rest of the week friends!

Can’t wait for Friday :)

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