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Good Mood Day

Posted Jul 15 2010 8:14pm

Some days are just wonderful from the beginning! Maybe 7 amazing hours of sleep had something to do with it!

I took today off from working out since my hamstrings were still quite sore after my two PT sessions this week and I’d run 3 days in a row. This was one of the first times I haven’t felt guilty about not working out on a week day. Normally I work out Monday through Friday and take one weekend day off. I want to ensure that I don’t burn out during marathon training.

Today’s good mood started when I got dressed for work. I tried on a pair of linen pants on a whim hoping that they would finally fit again. I hadn’t worn them since our honeymoon but even then they were a little tight. Success! They were actually loose! I loved my outfit today and couldn’t stop smiling! I apologize for the rough 7am picture.

Blog Pictures 2010 639

Before heading to the office, I stopped in at Weight Watchers for my weekly weigh-in. I was down 1.0 lb! This means that I’ve had a constant decrease for four weeks in a row! I’m really enjoying this regular accountability and I’ve made some new friends in the process. Hi Mary! The morning receptionist and the crowd is hilarious. Every week there has been a different conversation taking place while I step on the scale. This morning was a Whole Foods vs Trader Joes conversation. Who is your favorite? Why? As of now I’m a Whole Foods loyalist since their lines are more manageable than the horrible Union Square Trader Joe lines. But, I’m hoping to check out the new Trader Joes on Sunday.


Breakfast this morning was delicious and refreshing! This bowl was a great find at Target when Leslie and I went there during my DC trip. It was only $0.99 but is my “work” bowl since it’s dishwasher safe and stands out. 

Blog Pictures 2010 637 Blog Pictures 2010 636


1/2 c Fage 0%

1/2 c blueberries

2 Tbsp Flaxseed

1 Weight Watchers Vanilla Almond oatmeal


Lunch today was unfortunately not pictured due to a dead camera battery. But, Chop’t has updated their menu and it now features delicious heirloom tomatoes! YUM!


Bo and I enjoyed a date night together since we’ll be in different cities this weekend. We’ve passed Japonaise almost daily since we moved to Gramercy. Blog Pictures 2010 640

Tonight we decided to give it a try due to it’s outdoor seating and fun atmosphere. Blog Pictures 2010 642  

In addition, it allowed for a compromise between two people craving totally opposite foods. I wanted fish while Bo wanted barbeque or at least meat.

Overall, the service was terrific and the food was delicious.

We shared two appetizers, “The Rock” and “Tuna Tuna Roll”.

Blog Pictures 2010 645 The rock was thinly sliced marinated new york strip steak which we were able to cook on a hot rock. The rock stayed hot for 5 minutes which meant we prepared this first. The meat was DELICIOUS and perfectly seasoned! I only had two pieces as I was more excited for the special roll!

Blog Pictures 2010 644

The tuna tuna roll featured salmon inside with sliced tuna on top surrounded by an avocado wasabi tobiko foam. This was very fresh though I wish they used less rice. I only ate the rice from two pieces but enjoyed the fish from four in total. The wasabi tobiko foam was an interesting touch.

Their Grilled Hamachi answered my fish craving while also delighting my love of mushrooms. This was perfectly cooked hamachi served with a wild mushroom broth. The portion was perfect for sharing as it was on the larger side.

Blog Pictures 2010 646 Bo’s meal was HUGE! The Japanese Ribs definitely tested his hunger and in the end the ribs one. These were perfectly tender and almost fell off the bone. The seasoning was a perfect hickory miso blend. Unfortunately, the vegetables left something to be desired and were therefore pretty much untouched. They were bland and dripping in a mayonnaise like sauce. Blog Pictures 2010 647

If you’re looking for a great Japanese fusion restaurant near Union Square, I recommend Japonaise. It is reasonably priced for the portions and quality. My only suggestion would be to bear in mind all portions are quite large. We left wishing we’d split an appetizer as we couldn’t finish the appetizers or our meals.


Have a great night and happy early Friday! Don’t forget to enter my Vega Good Giveaway which ends tonight!

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