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Good Ideas, Bad Ideas

Posted Jun 29 2010 3:32pm

breaking news: i slept in today. as in, past 7:00. 7:30, to be exact. i think the heat’s really been doing me in. well, that and i stayed up pretty late researching a bunch of random tidbits, but that’s besides the point.

i was a little glad i was able to sleep past 6:30 since i had stayed up so late. sometimes i can’t. secretly, i was really proud of myself.

so of course by then it was pretty warm out which required an iced coffee . i’ve been digging the green mountain brew over ice k-cups even though i was a bit apprehensive at first. the trick is to just use a lot of ice – it doesn’t water it down but you’ve still got cold coffee right off the bat. good idea.

interesting tid-bit? while i don’t add a lot of almond milk to hot coffee, and never any sweetener – i like my iced coffees with a lot of almond milk and maple syrup to sweeten. actually, i prefer them with cream, but since i have iced coffee more often at work i just leave the cream there.

now that you’re aware of that random business that you probably weren’t too interested in, i think you should be interested in these yummy strawbeezy waffles.

i died.

my mom sliced up berries for shortcake like, a week ago – but i’d just kept slicing them up individually because i assumed she”d added a bunch of sugar to sweeten it, and they’d be too sweet for me. she informed me the other night that she actually used only a packet of truvia, and i’ve been eating them since. whether this was just because she was sick of strawberries and wanted someone to eat them i am unsure, but they were just sweet enough – and of course had a lot of juice! i used 1/4 cup of it in these waffles. good idea.

the last of them topped the waffles.

  • 1/4 c. rolled oats
  • 1/2 c. kashi 7 grain puffed cereal
  • 1 tablespoon wheat bran
  • 1 tablespoon ww flour
  • 1 tablespoon wheat germ
  • baking powder
  • cinnamon
  • chia seeds
  • 1.5 tablespoons greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon applesauce
  • splash vanilla extract
  • 1/4 c. strawberry juice
  • splash almond milk
  • 1 flax egg [1 tablespoon flax + 3 tablespoons water]

i topped each waffle with some earth balance and ginger preserves, and then some teddie peanut butter , honey roasted cashews, and strawbeezies.

this may have been the only meal of the whole day where there was absolutely no bad ideas. what do i mean?

this was lunch. minus the banana.

since i finished breakfast so late, i just wanted to get out and on my way to the barn. my mom couldn’t go out with me today and gertrude had an appointment at the car doctor at 1:00, so i wanted to work teddie before that. since i still had to clean out the horses before i left and fill their water tub and it was already 9:30, i just grabbed this clif bar and a banana. bad idea.

click to read.

this was actually my first clif bar – i’ve got a couple but don’t find them necessary for a normal work-day for me, so something inspired me to grab one to tide me over between the barn and the mechanic’s. i wasn’t too worried – i could eat when i got home if it was necessary. i was only getting a vehicle inspection, nothing major. in and out.

well, it held me over just fine – all afternoon, really – but it’s far from what i would consider a balanced lunch. not a good idea, but i also know there could be far worse! that and, you all know how i feel about bars with this much sugar and soy. aside from that, it was good. sweet – but good. tasted like eating cookie dough, actually!

of course, my body rebelled against the veggie-free lunch, so i roasted some broccoli when i got home, and had some apple bbq sauce for dippage. good idea.

not only that, but my mouth was basically watering as i kept imagining another iced coffee. another good idea. hey, guess my snack wasn’t such a bad idea ;) of course, a copious amount of strawberries also took place throughout the course of the afternoon.

after a bit of random blog-surfing, i thought it would be a good idea to take jiggy for a short hack down the road. uh, yeah – bad idea. we didn’t get but a couple of yards before being absolutely swarmed by massive horseflies. eck. i dismounted at one point to help swat them away due to the fact that he has a typical appaloosa tail and can’t reach them himself.

getting back on was comical considering the fact that he may as well be a sky-scraper all the way up there. okay – minor exaggeration, as he is still pretty short at 15.2hh, considering horses today. but, given that i’ve been riding 14 hh teddie-kins, i may as well have been on a giraffe, as far as i’m concerned. (a hand is 4″ for all scratching their heads.) even funnier is that burly is even taller, though still “small” at 16.2.

burly! fuzzy winter burly. old picture. this is now the indoor.

anyways. i turned around after just a couple minutes, brushed him out, and took care of them before coming in to make dinner.

dinner started out as a really good idea. see, i was thinking about the bsi: raspberries that sarena is hosting, but pushed it aside since i haven’t gotten raspberries yet.

well, the thought kept coming back, so i rolled with it and instead just made it with strawberries. so, you’ve seen it before – but i made a maple-fig-strawberry dressing. good idea!

the bad idea? canned corn.

i dunno – it just looks so innocent sitting there, all by its lonesome, no other canned veggies to keep him company.

the reason why is pretty obvious – i really hate canned veggies. i have no idea what inspired me to get canned corn instead of frozen. probably because it was only 59 cents or something, and that made me forget all about how awful canned corn is.

newsflash: canned corn is awful. it’s just so overpowering! so while i’m sure the combo of corn, black beans, red pepper, and broccoli in the aforementioned dressing could have been a good idea – with the use of canned corn rather than good corn, it was a bad idea. well, i take it back. canned corn is the bad idea, nothing else.

that being said – i ate about half of this and went back for the other slice of bread.

and dessert, d’uh!

pb branana muffin, coconut gelato, sliced strawberries, teddie, coconut

i guess i just subconsciously wanted plenty of room for dessert. the teddie was a bad idea (i just am not a fan of strawberries and pb, i suppose) but overall – i consider this a fantastic idea.


and of course, playing with teddie is always a good idea! he was very good today, though to be honest – he didn’t have much chance to be bad :\ i didn’t ride him very long as i saw someone going to catch their horse, presumably to bring in – so i got off while he was doing good. he isn’t very comfortable working with another horse at the same time yet, and while i have complete intentions to get him adjusted to doing so, i didn’t think we’re ready to do so while i’m riding him. he’s strong enough in-hand, and with how little he knows undersaddle, i could only imagine what he’d do! sure, he could be better – but as soon as i’ve got 100% of his attention working in-hand with another horse is when i’ll ride him with another.

of course, the person didn’t bring the horse in (almost wished they did so he could have the experience) but by then i had dismounted and put his halter back on. we at least got a good sequence of turning and figures, whoas, and walks – oh well.


so – what were some of your good ideas and bad ideas of the day? hey – with the bad come the good, you know ;)

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