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Good & Bad

Posted Jan 19 2013 10:08pm

Ok, so two things:

a. I had a solid workout(s) today.

16kickboxing class I took

16akickboxing class I instructed*

*I burn less calories when I instruct because other than the warm-up/stretching, I don’t actually do the workout with the class. I bounce around the room correcting form, demonstrating, yelling, etc. ;)  

b. My nutrition and water intake was not good today. I got busy at work and time just got away from me. Before I knew it, it was going on 2pm and I had only eaten 1 meal and had only drank a cup of coffee (decaf). Bad, yeah, I know…I did immediately down some water, but I’m still well under 80oz for the day. Definitely not enough, especially with the amount I worked out. I also ended up with only 5 meals today.

Meal 1:

1 egg + 2 egg whites, chopped zucchini, Bac’Uns (same as yesterday)

1/2 a grapefruit

1 cup coffee (decaf) + almond milk + stevia


Meal 2:

1 cup leftover Brussels’s sprouts & tofu.


Meal 3:

Zone Perfect bar. Not really my first choice as far as bars go (you’ve seen my favs – Larabars , thinkThin bars, and Quest bars), but we usually have these on hand because they are one of the few bars Ryan can eat (he’s allergic to nuts & peanuts)


Meal 4: (post-workout)

Protein shake. 1 scoop vanilla whey protein, 1/2 frozen banana, cocoa powder, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, ice.


Meal 5:

I stole one of Ryan’s Chobani ’s – 2% Blood Orange. Whoa man, that stuff is good. I usually roll with plain Fage and add my own fruit, but this stuff is good for a treat. I also topped it with a little granola. I inhaled it, which is why there is no picture ;)

Anyway, as my dad would say, tomorrow’s another day.

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