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Gone Bananas with DOLE : Giveaway

Posted Jul 16 2012 9:10am

This weekend was bananas, truly!

DOLE banana party- I went bananas

We’re banana fans around here. I put frozen bananas in green monsters, smother them in peanut butter as a pre-wog snack and Hailey can even eat them not without slowing her intestines down.

DOLE banana party- H eating banana

So when DOLE (yes, the pineapple people make bananas, too!) asked me to throw a banana party, it was a no brainer. Bananas are nature’s original energy bar. In fact, research shows that bananas provide equal performance and recovery, more nutrients and no artificial ingredients compared to the most popular sports drinks – at about one-third of the price. ( source ) Let’s hear it for real food!

They sent me some banana swag to help set up the party and I went a little bananas filling in the gaps with more goodies!

DOLE banana party- the spread

Recipes, DOLE swag, banana bread, freeze-dried bananas, banana chips, banana fruit leather… it was awesome. The back right corner is full of banana guards! Bye bye banana bruises, and they make for great play toys. Oh, and the banana apple fruit crushers from Trader Joe’s? Pretty awesome.

DOLE banana party- apple banana crushers

Just ask Caden .

Guests arrived and things really got bananas with the kids running around! (Have a totally worn out this “gone bananas” theme yet? No? Great, I’ll keep going Winking smile)

DOLE banana party- men with babies

DOLE banana party- playing with kids

Finally it was time to eat!

DOLE banana party- food

Banana dogs for all!

DOLE banana party- me and banana dog

Totally kidding.  Hot dogs (nitrite free) and burgers!

DOLE banana party- hot dog

Afterwards, there was coffee and banana bread.

DOLE banana party- banana bread and coffee

PS- you know you’re an adult when afternoon coffee to get you through the rest of the day is necessary.

I also made these little treats, that proved to be quite popular!

DOLE banana party- mini banana wafer treats

Simple? You bet. And incredibly tasty. Get Trader Joe’s Vanilla Wafers (yes, they must be Trader Joe’s because they are thin, crisp and very vanilla-y). Top with a DOLE banana slice, whipped cream and cinnamon. MMM. I could have eaten a billion.

Are you still with me? Because things are really about to get bananas! (cue David’s excited banana face…)

DOLE banana party- david and h

DOLE slipped a little something in for you to (naturally) sweeten the deal.

yonanas machine giveaway

Have you heard of the Yonanas machine? It turns fruit into creamy, dreamy soft serve “ice cream”. Perfect for healthy treats in hot temperatures with no additives, preservative, flavorings, nada! Just fruit, made extra delicious.

You can win your own Yonanas machine today by leaving a comment sharing your favorite way to eat a banana!
Sorry guys and gals, open to US residents only and the contest ends Tuesday, July 17th at 9pm.

Ready, go bananas!! Winking smile

Disclaimer: A big thanks to DOLE who provided the goods for party, the Yonanas machine and compensation. All opinions are my own.

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