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Gold Star for Syracuse’s Sexual Health Report Card

Posted Oct 14 2010 6:54am
by Gina Colonette, blogger

Football and sexual health—it seems Syracuse University’s priorities are in order. It’s 4 to 1 this football season, and SU moved up 23 spots on Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card with a GPA of 2.56. From an academic standpoint, a GPA of 2.56 doesn’t make Syracuse an over-achiever, but the university is rebounding its way up to the top.

For the past five years Syracuse’s sexual health report card rank has been fluctuating from low to really high. Last year was Syracuse’s lowest ranking in the past four years, coming in at #76 out of 140. Come on Syracuse, I know we can do better!

And we did do better this year. Syracuse’s rank was #53 out of 139 universities, beating out schools like University of Idaho, Brigham Young University and DePaul University who were ranked as the bottom three. Yuck!

So what improved for Syracuse?

  • Health services hours of operation
  • Showing the availability of male contraceptives online
  • The lecture and out reach programs
  • And the resources for sexual assault and sexual harassment

Syracuse may not be a straight-A university for sexual health, but we did get three As for:

  • Hours of operation
  • Free condoms
  • HIV testing on and off site.

Three As, five Bs, three Cs and no Ds! But it must be said, Syracuse didn’t pass the year without one F—SU flunked in student peer groups dealing with issues related to sexual health. Tisk, tisk Syracuse, we don’t accept Fs here!

Even though Syracuse bares the shame of an F on its report card, Bert Sperling, president of Sperling’s BestPlaces, says Syracuse seems to be doing well.He even commended What the Health Magazine for our work, kudos! Yet there are some areas for improvement.

“All the schools that were looked at seem to be improving,” Sperling says. “We can’t find any that have gone downhill as far as offering less services and resources.”

For the past five years, Sperling has been working with Trojan Brand Condoms to create the sexual health report card. This year, 139 colleges and universities were ranked based on surveys that were given out to the schools health centers.

Sperling does a wide range of research each year, but the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card is one of his proudest, because of all the change it is initiating.

“It’s a great resource for the students, it’s a great resource for the parents and we’re getting a lot of positive reactions from the student health centers who are using it to see how they compare with other schools around the country, so they’re using it as a bench mark as well,” Sperling says.

This weekend we play the University of Pittsburgh in football, they were named a most improved player for this year’s sexual health report card, moving up 54 spots to #21. We’ll take the L (loss) for that one, but not next year!

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